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  1. Who would you want for Kerber/Melde?
  2. Goph
    JensenS said he would take care of the GAGE problem -I am glad I opened that one -he sent me a regular message and it popped up and said trade me Craig -I said Craig for Foster if you leave me alone -he then insulted me and a day later told me his dad had agreed to Craig /Cameron and he was posting it .I had to go for a walk to calm down and it was sleeting outside -I informed Jensen I wasn't taking anymore from G-he told G if he didn't stop he was taking away his PM rights .
    I would have stroked out and found out eric Cameron of IU was on my team -put out the word I am trying to trade Craig -I really don't want a burn-out on my team .
    I'll wager Miller is at 174 tomorrow .My back up 41 lost to Iowa but beat Bucknell 7-0-pick up Ashnault -he just beat Marble -nearly majored him . If you want I can try and send you Melde and Kerber -Kerber is wrestling the CK , according to Koll-a kid who can win 29 matches at 184 should be good for 35+ at 65 .
  3. Goph-
    Haven't you heard of Duct tape ? Make sure the breathing hole is big enough on each monkey and then you'll sleep like a baby .
    I never married -I read a long time ago-my teen age years -that if you were abused the cycle never stopped .I would like to think I would have been a good father - I was a GREAT coach . Happy Thanksgiving .
  4. Brother Russ,
    I have three little monkeys so I HAVE to get up at 6:30 every morning. I drink alot of coffee. Going to be making a fried turkey today so that could get exciting. If you lived closer, we would have you over for some bird. The invite stands but there may not be much here for you to eat by tomorrow. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend.
  5. What you doing up on a holiday ? I hope McDonalds is open.
  6. Well it either is or it isn't a potential to trade back. I have never done it that way before. Its buyer beware.
  7. I guess you are right -I just don't want the 'provisos'' of that trade getting around as everyone would want a money back guarantee -one guy posted my PM's last year so I guess Privacy is dead .
  8. I haven't said anything about it to LoSt but for some reason I think people can see these private conversations. I busted Jensens once for his take on our trade last week thinking you fleeced me. I told him I would still do that trade again today.
  9. Did you mention that ''proposed'' trade to LoSt ? He wants to trade me for Beatty-? I never mentioned it because the less he knows the better .
  10. If I was mad I would say, "R.Payton, I am pissed"....LOL.
  11. Goph-
    As long as you are not mad -I'l pass . The big 10 is wide open at 197 -excluding Brandvold-#10 Brown,#12 Biondo, Bond ?? great sometimes and REALLY bad the rest .#22 Powless from IU-who beat Brown and Biondo last year and Mangrum could break out for OSU this year .
    That and the fact 141s are scarce and I want to keep starks (as he is really good when healthy ) and Varner ,Brester and Taylor own that weight .Seth has lost , 7-5 ,to Naumann and 7-1 to Hump-he won't lose to many others .
    Washington was 15-8 last year and not much of a schedule . Melde will wrestle 40+ matches and started UR and is now 17 going up-plus he wreestles no one .Take a gander at Rutgers schedule . so Washington would not even be a back up .Russ
  12. Brother Payton,
    Do NOT feel bad. We were only proposing trades. The only issue I have is that I now have a solid number of guys that aren't wrestling. Rader, Grajales, Steele. They are all coming back 2nd semester but that could be January so thats a while to go. I need bodies who are going to be on the mat. Starks is a gamble so I needed Ciasulli to even that out a bit and then I needed to put a warm body in the trade so I offered Washington.

    Me thinks you are pretty smart though and you realize that Beatty is potentially a great pick up for you.

    If you want to make the trade happen, say yes. If not, we are still homies on here.
  13. Goph-
    Not really ,I just felt so bad I could not sleep. I doubt I'd use Keatty other than a back up as Orozco has Reno and the Scuffle and 2 duals in December -but if you want I will.Russ
  14. Now you want to do the trade again?
  15. Goph -Since you know JensenS better than me you had better explain it to him . I don't want this posted every where . The trade is fine to post but everything else about the Gentleman's agreement I would prefer keeping between us .
    The ball is in your court .
  16. Agree, I am a big Borelli and CMU fan. I have a pretty long history of pulling for that team before they were the "darlings" of Div. 1 MAC.
  17. Goph -
    I had Ness last year but Zapp did not count fft.s so when ASU had 6 133 lbers on their roster and fft'ed to Ness I got mad and traded him -it was stupid but I traded him to Zapp's rival.I have always been a Ness fan even when he was wrestling my Angel !! That was before IU fell out of my good graces .
    I can't remember my youth but Angel wrestled 135 in high school and this is his fifth year at 125 .i knopw I grew some where in there -Angel has not .At 135 his senior year he only had one match that he won by decision -the rest were bonus .I figured he'd be att 133 this year -I watched Hernandez dam near kill himself to make 133 his Jr. year and he wants Kinser/Coughlin to cut to 149 ?
    CMU is now my alma mater -at least I tell people that .
  18. No shit on Rader. I just like the boys I like so I draft them regardless. Ness was a case in point. You are going to like Ness. He just goes balls out at tourney's and flattens guys ASAP so he spends less mat time and has more come NCAA tourney time. Also, know that Ness makes weight pretty easily so on two day and three day tourney's he has a BIG advantage over alot of the 133 guys. I can see Ness losing 2 or 3 matches this year at duals to Top 5 guys but when they have to make weight for 3 days in a row, advantage Ness!
  19. Goph -
    Look at yesterday around 2:00pm-that is when I mention how disappointed I was in not hearing from MOJO-the deal was in place he just took his time .Russ
  20. Goph
    I had Stewart last year and Berrelli always sits his varsity guys some times -that is why I don't draft them in fantasy anymore -don't worry about Bennett -Miller is going nowhere !! If Miller starts losing he'll lose his spot as fast as Krugere lost his last year -but I don't see that happening .
    I had ,in my draft pages -Kevin Smith above Grey and Austin Trotman in the top 15 -I drafted Trotman and still bet he is in the top 15 before years end ,so go to Wiltz about picking him up before he wins more matches and is in the top 15 -he is 22 now but majored 2 big 10 guys at MSU open . Smith's schedule doesn't make him worth the risk but right now the little shit is 11-2-losing to Bell and Mitcheff-tearing everyone else apart -13 td's against Hofstra .
    You have a lot of wrestling knowledge but I study every conference at every weight .I won't tell LoSt but I'll tell you who I am looking at in supp.-trade Rader before he breaks your heart again .
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