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  1. WHOA-I am gone after the supp-You are staying -I'll help you strategy wise any way I can -but JenesenS comment about me needing meds was WAY out of line , and especially if he let's Lost change his schedule after the tournament started -if you want to talk strategy I am your man -but no way am I staying after lost's BS-caling J a dick and saying J sucks ? FUCK lost -I just don't want to get violent so I'll get gone .
  2. Lets talk drafting strategy. I am going to have an opportunity to get someone pretty good. I think we should pool our picks and see what we can do during which rounds to improve our teams.

    I am thinking Ward may not be the one that I want to get rid of at this point. Not that he's great or that his schedule is that good but I DO think that his value just went up yesterday and that he provides good insurance for me at the 184 class at the Big XII since I have Askren.
  3. Alright, if you are in, I am in.
  4. BULLSHIT you tell him you are back in !!!
  5. Told Jensens I was out.
  6. Jerome !!!
  7. You never know with the Missouri guys. They really haven't wrestled many matches the last couple of years. I think it hurts them in the tournaments. Askren never seems to do too well in the two day tournaments.
  8. Didn't see Askren's name on there at PSU open -the man has wrestled 2 matches so far . I hope he wins 84 for you but I don't think it is possible for him to wrestle 30 matches this year .4 at Midlands ,3-4 at National duals, 8 duals ,2 at Big 5 and 5 at championships -that is 23 if he wins them all .
  9. I don't like the thought of having all those Lehigh guys on my roster (3) but they will bear fruit later in the year for me. Plus, I will probably have the #3 pick overall at the supplemental so that should help too.
  10. Possible barn burner here. It took me a long time to come up with it but it makes sense for us both I think. I send you Askren, Ward and Washington for Ciasulli, Craig and Kerber. You are probably going to dump Ward and Washington at the supplemental so that just opens up your roster to go get two more guys. I think Askren sets you up nicely for a title run, gets some wrestlers on your team that are going to go out and get points for December and lets you dump the two Lehigh guys who aren't doing crap in December. Let me know.
  11. Then technically I should get them...? Just kidding.
  12. Yea Jensens has already said no one gets Bennett's points today as ISU listed him at 84.
  13. I will take it with Grajales in the line-up. I think whomever took Bennett either had to list him at 174 though or flex him. Not sure if that happened.
  14. Goph
    Grajales is in Penn's line up and won a fft .
  15. Goph
    Bad news , both Bennet and Miller are at 174 today .POOP
  16. I see your point on Ellis but I think I let you know earlier that I am "shooting the moon". I have already kind of given up on the regular season. I think I need to focus on conference week so that is clearly what I intend to do. Guys like Steele, Grajales, can still help with that. At supplemental I will try to get some help and then as guys come back, I will have some trade ability at different weights to get conference champs.
  17. NO-
    What I was saying is you only have 8 active wrestlers-you should have waited until second semester to trade Ellis that way you could have scored some points -Steele was going nowhere and will get you no points --Gittomer/Rader/Grajales/Galante/Steele and Ward ??and Stabile ? are hurt or benched 15-7 =8
    I have been up all night -never buy an e machines -don't even take one as a gift -they are SO much trouble -the PC I am using is a mix match of used parts -when I opened up the first computer ,bought new , it had used parts in it -or parts that sure as heck were not Gateway .
    I have 4-5 bottles of pain killers and muscle relaxers -I just don't want to take any more . My lats and rib cage cramp about 3 times a week -badly.Russ
  18. I don't really know what your saying brother. I don't have two flex's that I can see. Trading Ellis was fine with me. I can live with who I got out of the deal in Steele if he pans out. If Steele pans out he will have great trade value. If not, I wasn't going to get many matches out of Ellis anyway. Hope you are feeling better buddy.
  19. I typed 1500 words again so I just deleted a lot ,so if this is incoherent that is why . You should NEVER have traded Ellis -flexing him on hope and him wrestling the PSU and Midlands you would not have lost much if he did get beat out .
  20. Goph-
    I have no idea -just trying to throw a life line to a friend -however ,GBR-that Cornell freak in Gold's league ?? He says that now, maybe Kerber doesn't go to the Ck-the Scuffle 100%-the CK 50/50 . I swear I am not making this up -he and I have an arrangement -I let him know about IU guys and he lets me know about Cornell. Trust me , you do NOT want Cornell's back up 165 -he went 0-3 last week-I copied everyone's roster by hand -that way it helps me remember who's where and sometimes I get trade ideas from nowhere -if I remember right you only have 2/3 of your roster wrestling . Let me get back to you tomorrow as I just woke up cramping so bad I was crying .My surgeon moved to Florida so i don't know what to do about the cramping -I have muscle relaxers but had the surgery to get off the pills.
    Am I seeing things or are you wrestling 8 with 2 back ups ? How did this happen ?
    I'l talk to you in the morning Russ
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