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  1. I would draft you #5/#6 Everhart, no problem there. What are you willing to give back in exchange? Who are your "untouchables"?
  2. OR you could draft Everhart and trade me him or Z or draft Marion -risky but iowas best 141 .
  3. I agree -Askren has not impressed me and that selfish crap about the all-star still pisses me off -Id take Foster over Askren any day .GAGE sent me about 20messages again -I offered Trusty Ciasulli and Craig for Foster and a pick and he said no-theway I look at it is there are 3 good 141's in the EIWA and I have 2 so I'm getting bonus regardless -so fuck trusty and his hyper asskid -they want to deal so they benefit w/out giving anyone up.-if you want to wait fine -Kerber will wrestle the scuffle so Young may be expendable -no one wants to win 184 -Pookie 2 losses Keddy 1 LeBlanc 2 losses Patterson 3 -all 6 guys inthe pac 10 at 41 are ranked Drouin ,#1 beat #6 Duenas 7-5 SV. And Boise's schedule blows . Make me an offer.If it is too steep I'll keep Craig .
  4. I would consider trading #1 Askren who is as much of a lock as the conference champ as you are going to find I think. No guarantees come NCAA. My issue is that I need a 125, a 141 and a 165 and I can't probably solve all three of those in the supplemental.
  5. I hope now you understand why I was Loathe to add Mr.Washington to my roster -he sux . All these guys who moved 10-15 spots because they wrestled in a tournament is laughable -just because Seth didn't wrestle he dropped to 14th ?? I try to ignore the ratings as much as possible -look at 141 LeClere is #3 in the country in one ranking -he is in FACT #3 in Iowa's room . You should remind Jensen that Marion was originally #1 and no one should get his points this week -Zapp has Slaton and Stiffy has LeClere and J already ruled on this in week one -no points from Marion go to anyone until after the supplemental . Now who is going to have the cajones to pick Marion when he is facing 1 felony and 3 misdemeanor counts in January ?? Not me .
    We do ned to talk as if I am staying I need an 84 pounder -a GOOD 84 pounder -even though no 84 seems to want to win .
  6. Wow, it IS sounding bad for me isn't it? Ouch.
  7. BUT what about RADAR and will he graduate before Social Security crashes ? And just because your 157 is getting his ass handed to him by a freshman 141 every other week doesn't mean he won't win it all-and don't forget Gallante -he is back on varsity and in the top 20 !! Lee is #11 riding a bullet -Don't let those RUMORS about Steele being kicked out of the Naval academy as unfit for duty deter you .STAY THE COURSE-imagine what would have happened to Ahab had he not gone after the DAMNED WHALE ....
  8. You ARE insane.
  9. Nikko ?? He is on pace to break the single season fall mark-seriously -I pegged him as big 10 champion AND JEROME will not be denied this year . I'd stand pat if I were you .
  10. yeah, don't be too sure...i have alot of dead bait on my team...Triggas goes first...from there we will see...Ward will never beat Askren but then who thought he'd beat Keddy?
  11. I am ok at 141 for the moment but may snag Washington for FREE -WWC champion ,with Hashimoto hurt he is still the favorite -had heNOT banged heads last year he would have eaten Drouin and Aa'd -he beat Cleveland in a dual-this has ben my srategy all along -to get you to drop Trent . Now I can trade my 2 141's and Pinky and I shall rule the WORLD hahahaha
  12. Okay, make me a trade for him big talker. LOL.
  13. You really aren't giving up on Washington are you ?? You'll be sorry when he wins the Midlands .
  14. I know your a bright year you are picking my team and we're splitting the pot if I win...LOL.
  15. Russell-what picks do you have for us today ?? One old lady librarian tries to read Bartletts and stump mme -today it was ''with but a bare bodkin ''-easy -Hamlet 's soliloquy thus doth conscience make cowards of us all.
  16. Do they call you Mr. Crabby Ass? Or just Crabby Ass?
  17. I am on a first name basis .
  18. I freaking LOVE the library. I could live in there...
  19. i live 150 yards away from a library -free DVD's and books plus they will get books through interlibrary loan for me .
  20. Especially with Strawn hurt -JensenS and I just talked about the lack of depth at 97.Check VA Tech's schedule -they don't wrestle again until 1/3 and only about a dozen matches left .
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