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  1. GBR-How is Kerber doing ?? I am looking at everyone's line up in my league as we don't have waivers so I am trying to figure out a trade if he can't make the cut . I am counting on him AAing so he better make weight . Paul Young has a weak early schedule so I won't be hurting too bad but I NEED him to be at 65.Russ
  2. ACC is tough at 41, but I like how Nelson's schedule looks. Nov/Dec are full of matches he should win (and in a lot of cases get some bonus points) while Gallick's schedule, as you said, sucks. Then, when he gets to ACC action, I think gallick's schedule matches up pretty well. The UNC/VaTech duals are the same weekend as Okla/okie State for Gallick. Easy call to get gallick in there. Maryland dual same weekend as gallick vs. Nebraska. Thanks for the advice - glad I got backup at 41.
  3. GBR-
    Nelson has a good schedule but the ACC is a bitch at 41 but you couldn't have picked a better 33 -look at Bucknell's schedule - he'll have 20 matches by New Years .
  4. You'll really need to back up Gallick as their schedule just sucks . What good is having a potential champion if you can't generate enough points to make the play-offs ? As soon as your waiver wire is up get you a decent 141 with a ton of matches -Melde is gone but he's a tough kid who wrestles around 40 matches this year -I have Gallick in my line up week one then not until the Ck.
  5. I'll let you know what I hear about Grey and Kerber as the season goes on. Like I said, I'm hearing good things about Grey right now and that wasn't always the case. I don't yet have a backup for Gallick. Maybe a rookie mistake by me, we'll see. I almost took the Big Red's 141 at the end of the draft -- I just think he may need a little time at the beginning of the season to adjust to DI.
  6. GBR-
    We have 4 of the same wrestlers as I am in JensneS' league this year -Grey ,Gallick,Kerber and Birchler -I too am excited to see how Birchler performs while attending a real wrestling school . Steel sharpens steel and all .Since you are so close to the Cornell room could you keep me advised -Grey was not that good at the beginning of last year -I know the talent is there -just can he make the weight and hold it . Who is your back up to Gallick -ISU's schedule sucks so badly I picked up Trevor Melde -a lot of matches against nobodies . Russ
  7. you are up..
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