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  1. Koll said in his last e-mail that Kerber would wrestle in Vegas. But, one of the guys pretty close to the program told me he's sure Kerber will wrestle at the Scuffle and thinks there's a good chance he wrestles at Vegas but there is some doubt. I don't have any other options at 165 that week, so I'm starting Kerber anyway.
  2. GBR-
    On Dec 6th -Birchler is in the PSACS-I know they don't count but he may see a ranked HWT.-I don't know who to fex -I have Lapotsky and Orozco at 197 and Kerber and Young al going to the CK-if you are sure Kerber wil be there I 'll use him .
  3. So do i -but he will do nothing against Ness,Oliver ,Graf , etc . -plus Cornell has a funny habit of showing up about 2/3 of the time -they are worse than Harvard . I had 3 guys out this week and their back ups scored me 6 points -not including Askren not wrestling those 2 duals . He and Ellis were in the stands yet they put a 3rd string 174 out there so Askren will be rested for the All-star .
    This is why Fantasy wrestling is so frustrating at times .Askren missing those 2 duals cost Mizzou 2 victories .
  4. I honestly believe Grey will win EIWAs. He hasn't had trouble with Fisk or Marble in the past.
  5. GBR-
    Please do not say anything about anyone but Grey winning the EIWA as I am gonna try and trade that lil prick as soon as possible . Since he can't win any important matches all I have is him winning the EIWA to use as a negotiating tool .
  6. Been away for a while so I didn't look for the NC State Open yet. The guy Grey was supposed to face last round just won in the wrestlebacks, so I guess Grey won. Don't know the score.
  7. GBR-
    did you find the tourney and do you know how Grey did in the 1/4s-is he in the semis ?
  8. GBR-
    go to -hit N C State open -once there hit bracketts .
  9. Thanks GBR-I'll flex Kerber at the cK-I am going to try and unload Grey -I thought I had a steal in the 6-8th round -whenever I took him but guess not -IMO Bell sucks and Grey manages 3 escapes ?? I really do think Kevin smith will beat him today -Smith is fast and strong .
    Gold's scores are funky -but if THAXTON doesn't want to fight for his points then that 's on him . What I put down is correct .Triple checked . So if Thax doesn't care why should I ??
  10. Where are the NC State Open results?
  11. Basting is a 57 pounder who relies on his strength to win at that weight. Not too good at 165 although he did ok against Marable last year. Koll was pretty critical of Grey's performance last night as well. Not what was expected.
  12. GBR-
    is Basting so bad he can't beat a kid from Clarion ?? Will he win a match today ? If GREY keeps wrestling like this all year I guarantee Fisk will kick his ass for the EIWA title .
  13. Koll sent an e-mail out last night after the Maryland dual recapping his thoughts. His brutal honesty is always amusing. Anyway, he said Kerber had minor knee surgery and is expected back for Vegas Dec 4-5.
  14. GBR-
    Did Kerber give a guess as to when or if he'll return ? If he isn't back by our supplemental I'll have no choice but to drop him . We don't have waivers in our league and I can't carry someone who isn't wrestling as I only have one shot to keep/release him .
  15. Thanks GBR-That was as quick a fall as I've ever seen .
  16. The link is working for me - just a lot of talk so far.
  17. Try this link for Lehigh-PSU. I've heard it's free this year, but haven't tried it yet.
  18. I want to know what is going on with Lehigh and PSU but they are trying to make me pay just to listen !! I traded Gallick and Bradshaw for Ciasulli and Askren . No way Seth is #18 , Div1 has him 9th .
  19. I went ahead and put Young in my line up as he wrestles in the MSU open -last year that tournament was so poorly run guys were just leaving around 2 a.m .-Young placed 4th but only because he cut out . I don't think Hinkle cares anymore .
  20. Haven't heard anything suggesting Kerber won't make weight. We'll see if he competes at the Bearcat Open this weekend - a bunch of CU wrestlers should be there.
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