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  1. D,
    Could I get Walsh back for Winston ? I'll throw in Thomas @ 133. Taylor and i just talked and he wants out of IU and he is a great kid .
  2. After the Simaz match-the only time LoSt and I went head to head i thought it was over -then I read the rules again about the points for the OW,G,and H.DT has won 2 already . My 8.5 point lead disappeared . My only shot will be if russell or simaz gets a sympathy Hodge . molinaro probably takes that , tho .
    LoSt (previously) has sent me PM's calling me a cheater and worse-simply because i won.HTH do you cheat at this ?
  3. That is crazy!
  4. 5 for OW , 5 for Gregarian ,5 for hodge . I went over scores again and I am at 138 and he is at 139.5 -so far- Taylor has scored 40.5 points !
  5. How many points does he get for the hodge?
  6. Dutch,
    I'm going to lose to loSt because Taylor is going to win OW,Gregarian and hodge .I'm at 137.5 and (with DT as OW ) LoSt is at 134.5
  7. I know Dong was banged up, didn't realize it was that bad. What have you heard????
  8. VT is getting bit bad by the injury bug. First Marone and now possibly Dong out for the year.

  9. Dutch-
    You were the only person I was worried about as far as losing-Zapp is too fucking stupid to realize having 15 AA's is meaningless if you can't make top 4 . LoSt was doomed when Smith went down-had Nicholson, Wade and Green not wussed out you'd have won. I like to trade a lot because when else can you pretend to be a billionaire ?
    Gold's league has free agent waivers so that league is easier as if someone goes down you can just pick up someone for free.
    I'll give playing next year some thought but who knows ??
    Congrats on second and good luck next season.
  10. JensenS took down the roster page and I don't know who is on LoSt's team other than the guys I put down for conference week. Plus, I have this cast on my wrist and asked someone else to do it-but he does NOT know LoSt's roster either.
    I know JensenS hates me and LoSt so when LoSt asked me to post his line up we had to ask Jensens-he said yes then took the roster page down the next day. Gof was supposed to do it this week but he does not know LoSt's roster either.The only guys I know on his team besides the ones I posted for Conferences are Quiroca and Villalonga-look at his conference line up and I stated I did NOT know his roster that well-JensenS will use his conference line up and I could do no better .
  11. No line up for Lost?
  12. Dutch-
    Snackem told me JensenS said we had to change our line ups -he had to add Young and I had to add Hall-I also has to add Glasser and he had to take Benefiel.
    I WON"T use Gillespie so you can try and use him. But IF you do use him JensenS may not give you his points.
    But go ahead and try if you want.
  13. Dutch-
    I believe you have a mistake on your rutgers guy-Caruso-they have 2 sets of schedules and the Rutgers site has them wrestling LeHigh next week. They wrestled American last night.
  14. Yeah, if you can get me a 157 through a third party, I am in!
  15. Dutch
    I am working on a trade with JensenS-AMU and John for Lofthouse and Fleming-if you want I can just do AMU for fleming then trade you John and Kinser for Caruso and Gillespie. Not really sure who I'd want but the point is do you want me to try and keep John so you'll have a 157 just in case and for the next few weeks ?
    I am working the trade now and have a tentative yes-so let me know if you want me to swap some players
  16. D,
    I was just trying to find a 157 for a friend-forgot Bubba wrestles 1 in 4 matches. Wussed out at Lone star . i could have gotten you a decent 74 for him.
  17. Not really, for who? I need his dates with Bubba, I won't wrestle anyone good sitting out matches and they don't even have a body to throw in
  18. Dutch-
    You interested in moving Coco ?
  19. OK-if you are sure-I'll post it next week about Tuesday or so-that will be 3 line ups or 20 days .
  20. No, we can trade back when you need him to give back to snackem
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