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  1. Good to hear from you !! Hope you and Joe come back to the board more often .
  2. I really hate Goldman and the way he runs his room -This is why Max Dean left last year -really , too much BS in the room -word has it coughlin beat Becker last year for 157 yet they bumped him up to 165 -he took it like a man -now he loses by an edge takedown and is going to be benched -I am really starting to lose interest in IU wrestling -Coughlin has done everything asked of him and he's going to get screwed for his trouble -I hope he transfers to Purdue . THE #1 160 lber coming out of Mater Dei and he chooses IU AA's at 149 then is forced up 2 weights and dtill goes to the tournament-loses but makes it -walked around campus weighing 163 last year .
  3. Smith was dominating when I was in high school, although I think he was year or two younger. He was incredibly quick, you're right about that. Just an unusually gifted athlete.

    Joe Virgin was one of my dad's best friends when my dad taught at Ben Davis. I've heard he was a dick but he came to my dad's funeral and was cool with me, so I can't dislike the guy.
  4. NO-I coached him 7th-9th grade -he was the festest human being i ever saw -he ran a 10 flat 100 and averaged 13.0 yards per carrry at BD his senior year -wentto southern illimnos so he could play fotball andwrestle -too small for football-had he concentrated on wrestling solely he would have been a multi-AA at a big school-he won state ai 140-45 and thought he was big enough to play football ??? The high school coach atBD was a tortal dick-i wrestled for him and he was a redneck bastard !!!m the asst. coach was a prick too -a Decatur central/ICU ass who was a white suprmasist -Starks was his name-Cam used to come back to fulton and work out after BD practice-. Coaching wrestling was the only thing i was ever good at -now that is gone forever . Later.
  5. Hang in there, buddy. If there's one thing we can count on, it's that we don't know what's around the bend. Your situation has to improve.

    Did you wrestle with Cameron Smith?
  6. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words -freaked me out a little 'cause no one has caled me Mr. Payton in years-one trick the police use is to automatically call you by your first name thus establishing a 'rapport' with you -same in Mentalhealth and any institution -actually they are subliminally asserting dominance -Please don't do this but if you ever get pulled over ask the cop his first name and see how quickly the situation deteriorates . Thank you for not pitying me as life sometimes only gives you 2 options -1] a shit sandwich2] a shit sandwich with mustard -got my disability check 2 days ago and paid my bills and have 11 dollars for the month-food stamps kick in friday -even with that I have to buy someone 30 dollars of food for $15 worth of toilet paper and cosmetics -soap-deodarant-shampoo-household stuff the govt. deems unnecessary for we scum . Thanks for everything DB-
  7. Hey DB-just wanted to thank you for your support on a couple of threads but I really don't worry too much about what -save 5-6 people- on this forum think-Dickless Minnesota freaks .

    I wonder if they remember Clem Haskins ? thanks for everything roadie .
  8. Law was the one all the rumors were about -hate to see they were true -When he got to IU and came down with that ''mystery virus'' I thought something might have been up but hoped not -Same ''Mystery Virus'' Tony Mandarich came down with -
    I am not going to lie and say I never tried the stuff 'cause I got into competitve cycling for a while and EVERYBODY was either blood doping or juicing and I did the crap for awhile and turned into Satan -Mean -mean mean-riding the hilly hundred once and got cut off by an asshole and when I caught him on the uphill I knocked him off his bike -stopped after that -just not worth it ! But the money the pro's make would make it too tempting because the stuff does work-Law was a tremendous athelete -I played at Ben Davis before Dick Dullaghan arrived -2-8 soph year ,3-7 jr. then 8-2 senior year . I coached up at Frankfort and man it was so tough getting kids to wrestle -they had a no cut rule in basketball so all these 5'3'' 125 lb studs were sitting on the bench -my team had the first winning record in Frankfort's history-but damn -in '81 they were paying 13 grand a year .
    good luck and welcome to the board -sorry about your experiences in IPS -asshole administrators still won't admit busing killed IPS and the surrounding districts . Hypocritical bastards .
  9. I was there with Brett Law and Brad Maynard. I played briefly in Law's senior season. I had chronic shoulder dislocations back then and bowed out early in the season. Big part of why wrestling was tough for me in HS. I can tell you, because I know the people involved, that steroids were definitely present on those late 80s teams. Law was one of them, but there were others. It's too bad, too, b/c he was a phenomenal athlete without that garbage, but there was a lot of pressure on those teams. Brad Maynard graduated in my class and he's my friend. He never did any of that stuff. One look at him and it's clear. Always been long and lean. He still is the punter for the Bears, been in two Super Bowls.

    One of my best friends is Wright's grandson. They have had some unimaginable tragedies in that family. I have nothing but respect for Wright.

    I'm a little skeptical about the Peyton thing. I think it might have something to do with the Colts' success, but putting it all on Peyton seems like a little bit of a stretch. Also, football is just really popular everywhere right now, so I personally think that has more to do with the improvement in HS football here.
  10. DB=-the Star ran a huge article about Sheridan football yesterday -were you a part of any of those teams ? I know when I was coaching there were a boatload of rumors about steroid abuse there but I chalked that up to jealousy -I think Wright has done an outstanding job up there -the Article also mentioned how High School football is improving in the state dramatically since the arrrival of Peyton Manning -you think that is possible -that one man could have that big an impact ?
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