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  1. Well-the 'scored'' tournaments are stupid -no advancement points -no fft pts and I say all tournaments should be scored -just treated as duals -like in Reno-Riley Orozco got 3rd place and I scored either 6 or 9 points -2 inj def 's and a fft -how did he get to the Podium if he scored no points in the advancement rounds ? Then the guy left for consos -so no more points -the whole thing is a friggging joke -Trevor Stewart placed 2nd -TF, fall, maj ,then lost 4-2 to King from Edinboro -result 0 points . A ''scored '' tourney means you have the chance to get 5 or 10 bonus points -no advancement , no placement -nothing but a dual meet and if you are lucky enough to place 1st or 2nd you get bonus points . We have 2 guys who quit the second week and they have a possible 6 champs -including Poeta ,Herbst,Tanelli Russell,williams ,Rug, et al.
    I was looking forward to tournaments and advancement points and wrestle backs and all that -now they are meaningless .
  2. We don't have free agency, just a three-round supplemental draft at mid-season. Makes you draft differently. My strengths are that I have guys who get a lot of duals and wrestle at the "scored" tournaments. Ryan Williams is 28-3, Nicholson 26-2 ... for example.
  3. I awoke -checked the sheets from CMU 's site and said ok-13 points 4,3 6 -turns out I got 6 -no fft and no major -Zapp went just with the book and in your league -I believe it is ISU-has him and JensenS just said ''hey , the scorebook had it wrong and gave him the point -of course you guys get points if your back up wrestles -we don't -we get nothing if the coach bumps him up a weight and of course no fft s nor inj def or med def .The fft med def has cost me -now -over 60 points total this season -not to mention Kinser won the MSU open but not at 149 -the weight he was listed at -so 0 points for a scored tournament champion . I'm busting my ass just to get to the top 6 so I can quit next year . I scored 91 points last weeek by trading starters for subs -just for the CAA's-I picked up Accordino and Bonilla bowman and Byers just for that tourney .
  4. Trevor Stewart's season record form:

    Scott Hunter's Season Record Form

    Hunter/Stewart is listed as a 10-2 MD LOSS on one report, 2-0 on another.

    CMU Website

    InterMat (this is a result I entered myself by reading off the BOUT SHEET)
  5. I'll e-mail it to you ... a real bitch to post.
  6. Dart -I was looking at your CAA schedule and it is in contrast to the Binghampton schedule -you would have Bing wrestling 3 matches excluding Rider -yet their site says they wrestle 3-ODU ,Drexel and Rider .I hope your schedule is correct and Patterson gets 4 matches rather than 3-if you are 100% certain of the scedule you posted please let me know -I believe you to be as you have a multitude of contacts and this would not be the first time Earl at Div. 1 wrestling has been wrong -earlier this year he had CMU going to the PSU open so I wrestled Stewart instead of Howe and got drilled when CMU didn't show . I fell so far behind at the start of the year that I am trading like a madman to get matches to make the team which goes to nationals . I should have 29 matches this week -30 if Patterson has 4 rather than 3 .
    Thanks -I pride myself inmy wrestling knowledge yet the rules are confounding -why have a ''scored'' tourney'' -if you are wrestling you are wrestling
  7. On a lark I e-mailed the Hofstra coach -shifflet -and he answered me -2 coaches in 2 days -Kerr and now Shiflett -Hofstra wrestles Rider ,ODU ,Sacred Heart and Boston-I now have 28 matches this week-trying to get to the finals -I feel better after unloading my IU guys -Byers has 4, Jbonilla Bowman -my backup 57 has 4 , Accordino-back up 141 has 4 , Patterson has 3 and Henrich has 3 -I see you are looking for a 174 -if anyone approaches you with Trotman -RUN-he med def'd out at Reno and hasn't been seen since -cost me whatever points he would have gotten at Reno wrestle backs -Lonestar and the Southern Scuffle -he's 14-2 -just is hurt or quit showing up. The Va duals were great but my guy went 4-0 and beat Brown and scored fewer points than Brown .
  8. Thank you so much -I am in dire need of some points and was hoping Patterson from Binghampton would get 12 matches or so-I have 3 my back up 57 and 41 from Hofstra and Patterson ...JBB has been doing well recently after his rather horrid start so I thought I'd toss those two in for some matches-had 2 wrestlers at the Va duals and they went 7-0-Stewart and Henrich.
  9. Teams get anywhere from 3-5 matches depending on how they schedule their conference duals. Since the conference footprint stretches from Massachusetts to Virginia, it's a place where teams get into a central location and match up.

    I sent Mark Weader at George Mason a note. It's a rotation thing, but not everyone wrestles everyone. For example, ODU's already wrestled George Mason in conference and has a separate dual with Rider. I'd expect ODU, for example, to wrestle 3-4 matches.
  10. Man, if that is your picture we may have been separated at birth-although I am 709 years old .
    Was looking for some info on the CAA duals -I have some wrestlers participating and how does it work ? Do they split the conference or draw names or seed or ..?
    How many matches should I expect ? I'm guessing 3 but who wrestles whom ?

    Orozco is now at 184 and he is 3-0 with a major -I mention this as I had asked you previously about that possibility .
  11. Thank you so much -as a high school coach I never experienced an advncement dual-the guaranteed thhird match is great because if you are a stud on a BS team you'd be 2 and out even if you were Kong . Thank you so much -Marble is an underrated little guy at a program making a comeback-I wrote a paper in College for my PE minor about how Title IX would break men's sports -especially nonrevenue -I hate being right sometimes -that was 1980.
  12. It's a dual meet advancement format. Field of 16, advancement. Teams are guaranteed at least three duals. If teams go 0-2, they wrestle a third match. Championship side, teams can get as many as four. Consolation side, you can get as many as six.
  13. Pardon my intrusion but I seek enlightenment -I need to figure out my line-up and need to know how the Virginia duals work-# of matches , etc . I am thinking of wrestling Marble from Bucknell and was wondering if he would wrestle 2,3 , 4 ?? matches -I am unfamiliar with the format and would greatly appreciate any info you would be kind enough to share with me . Thanks .
  14. I don't care what anyone says -no one should change the rules of the greatest sport in history -but Zapp feels he can so there is nothing I may do but object vehemently -which I do-not to mention it has robbed me of 24 points -in a dual I suggeste 3 for the sheer effort of practice and making weight -NO-I'll never understand a tournament though -if you don't give placement points you are penalizing the guy who keeps plugging along . If a guy med fft's out -tough titty- should be 6 points .
  15. Sounds like way too much micromanagement. Don't go with InterMat, go with the college's sports information page.
  16. Also-I used to be a wrestling coach-the home team is responsable for the scooe book .If they screw up it could lead to a default -Stewart from CMU majored a kid from Drexel 10-2 but since the almighty scorebook on interrmat showed 2-0 he only gave ne 3 points -although I cited 4 places whee the score was 10-2 -ISU2008 ? had the same problem ad JensenS fixed it imediately -the HOME TEAM is always the scoreboo which counts -that is why I screened my matmaids so carefully . I don't really like the fantasy because the teams don't care.
    You want to save wrestling -get the mob involved and start betting on individual results -then you'd see injury reports in the paper -a bigger fan base and money flowing in -but you'd see the denise of our sport as well-you don't think title ix would have hit small college b-ball teams already if not for 10 billion being bet every week ?
  17. Thanks for the compliment ... I don't like the not counting of the forfeits, which is why I like how JensenS has set up the league on our side. Hey, if the kid pulls out, why is that your wrestler's fault? Points are points and guess what, the NCAA COUNTS THEM.

    I'm lucky to do something I love ...
  18. When Todd went down my season was grinding to a halt so I studied and compared schedules to make my line-up have as many matches as possible but without the best talent-and it has worked so far -I am wrestling 8 at the midlands and 3 at the scuffle --all are seeded but 141 and Mclemore and Hernandez should score something -I have a big problem with Zapp not counting fft.'s or med for 's in tournaments -the guy didn't miracle his ass to the next round -and this is Div 1 there shouldn't be any fft's-I'm offering two for one to get a 97 lber but no one wants to do shit over here . Offering Jarequi and Howe for Jones or Bradshaw or Halsey -no one wants it -anyone can pick the top seeds but I am doing it the hard way -and if I do make the finals I am screwed because my talent level isn't that great -but in 3 weeks I've gone from 11th to 6th place .
    I read your work often and am truly impressed -which is a hard thing to do-impress me.
  19. Well, the fantasy thing is new to me this year too, so without any previous basis on how points are scored, it's tough for me to gauge how one team is over the other in terms of line-ups. I'm still learning it too.
  20. Thanks -I had so many guys quit , redshirt or switch weight classes that I've used up all my waivers over in our fantasy league and trying to get someone to trade is horrific -at 149 alone I've had -Corocozzo, Baxter, Mason, Jarequi and Ruschell--first time at this fantasy stuff and I didn't know about 'scored' tournaments and such-lost 100+ points the first 2 weeks cause guys would wrestle but the tounament didn't count -also Zapp doesn't count fft 's -which is changing the rules of the sport -which i'm not fond of at all-I'm in 10th place but after week 7 is tallied I'll be in the top 6-as a wrestling efficianado I'd appreciate your thoughts on my line up-
    Precin, Dennis/Marble ,Hernandez/Mclemore , ruschell/Jarequi,Kinser ,Stewart/Glasser/Howe,Trotman,Patterson,Orozco,and Massey-I see my weaknesses but had to draft certain guys for immediate points -Orozco got me more points in one tourney than Todd did all year . Hope the Alaskan Assassin does well in the Scuffle.
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