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  1. Joe Fagiano is transferring to Hofstra, a pretty big loss for IU
  2. I just checked out Div I site and they have Everhart ranked 16th in the nation at HWT.young 17th at 157 and Coughlin 18 at 165 -they must have higher opininions of them than I do -I really hope Young does well -I've met him and he's a nice polite young man -if Everhart doesreturn IU won't give up an automatic 6 at hwt . And for being an undersized -way undersized -he did a great job -occasionally.
    Personally I just think Goldman does not like big old cornfed heaveys-he has a humongous black wall in Cook -look at that monster -6'3' 300 and won Powerade and either won or seconded Beast of East with only 3 years experience .I checked and he is not on IU's football roster although he was offered a few rides for football-all I am sure of is they will be worse come March than better.
  3. Coughlin has the potential to be great -but not at IU -Angel would have been a 4 x champ at IOWA or anywhere -Goldman is a twit -but I looked it up the other day and he's only making $65,000.00 bottom level for big 10.
    Looks like they are going to throw Cook to the wolves and start him at HWT. -his credentials are solid but not ready for big 10-
    Andre and Matt were so disappointing last year it was pathetic -Powless beating Hinton last year as a big deal to me because all the hype about Hinton being the best big man to come out of Indiana in years -then he went to Michigan.
  4. Not totally sold on Powless, he is solid, but needs another year to develop. He will get tossed around like a rag doll in the Big 10 and he didn't win a particularly loaded weight class when he won state. Fagiano should stay at 197, no reason to move up. I think they said their heavyweight from this year won't be on the team, can't remember if he was ineligible or is transferring.

    On paper their line-up looks pretty solid
    125- Angel- High AA
    133- Ortega- Qualifier should win matches
    141- Andrae- Mid to low AA
    149- Kinser- Low AA possibly
    157- Coughlin/Young- Low AA possibly
    165- Coughlin/Young- Low AA possibly
    174- Perry- Has shown flashes of brilliance, but will probably be a qualifier
    184- Powless- Will be lucky to qualify
    197- Fagiano- Qualifier, should win some matches
    285- ????

    Of course in my experience someone will break down and flat out not even come close to the expectations(see Andrae and Coughlin last year). I'm not sold on the IU coaching staff and would like to see some new blood in there.
  5. I meant Powless at 184 -not Minton -yeah Cook is 2 years away but I was hoping that overweight 197 lber could man the spot a little better than last year -he did beat the kid from Minnesota -which I posted about 50000 times -you think Fag should go up ?
  6. I just talked to Angel and Andrae last Saturday, and Andrae said he was going 141. He looks big and will do a ton better at 141. They will have a hole at heavyweight again, they said, but other than that should have a pretty solid lineup.
  7. just checked the Div i site and they have Andre listed at 141 with Ortega at 133 -first year in ever there isnt one or two gaping holes in the lineup -184 will be iffy but that Minton kid is a stud -or was when i last saw him in high school -he beat Ian Hinton twice last year .
  8. He got 8th, wrestled tough this weekend.
  9. Well Damn -How'd he do ?
    7th ? What -I've checked this site 3 x's so far wondering when you'd let me know -If he got his ass kicked beyond recognition great -if he placed 7th -better -The lad is a in a win/win situation !! Please keep me informed .
  10. you know how much I envy you right now ?
  11. Well, he is going to place!!! Will go for 7th tomorrow afternoon!
  12. YEAH Riiggghhttt
  13. I just kept my eye on the prize in seeing some great wrestling!
  14. there is one thing you seldom see in the same sentence -Good news -and making it to FARGO-I dare not think of how you entertained yourself through the WASTELANDS
  15. The system sometimes hurts the people it is intended to help. Chalk that up to the people that abused it in the past and in the future.

    Good news though, I made it to Fargo. I'll have some pictures from the action tomorrow through Saturday. My buddy that was supposed to come with me backed out on Friday, so I made the 14 hour drive by myself. It was quite a lot of fun entertaining myself for the drive!
  16. Yo CK-I feel like I am fighting my own personal VietNam here -I have won every battle but losing the war -I saw the ''THING'' from SS the other day and she said -once again-she did not care whether I was locked up illegally or not I was locked up and not entitled to my benefits those months -once again I pulled out my now shredded letter from Judge Young who stated that I had ''fallen through the cracks and should not be penalized '' my 97 days between the cracks cost me my home -my right arm and 4 years of pain . Now I have to pay for the pleasure by receiving a $47 a month decrease in benefits -roughly 12% of my income for 3 years . I was so proud of myself for not strangling that useless scum that I bought myself an electric toothbrush to celebrate my ability to suffer fools gladly . I have dreaded seeing this person because i have actually dreamt of killing her -3 years ago she asked me if I were retarded and I reacted by throwing her desk about 10 feet -3 years ago she had the gall to ask me if I had forged the Judge's signature -I probably looked retarded because I was stupified by this women who works for an agency set up supposedly to help-anyway I am not in jail-she is still breathing but I'm not sure God's in Heaven and all is right in the world . Thanks for listening or reading this -I really needed someone to ''talk'' to about this and since my incident 4 years ago my former colleagues treat me as a pariah .Peace.
  17. That is horrible news. Keep fighting it until they literally put you on the street.
  18. CK-I may be forced to take an hiatus as I might be homeless soon -social security and i struggled over x amount of dollars and the ''home'' office conceded and said I owe them no monies for when I was falsely incarcerated -however the local office is saying thet disagree and I owe them 1668.00 dollars -so they might not send me any checks for 3 months -I barely make ends meet now -no TV -etc. just me and my computer -now facing homelessness sucks -this just happened this morning and i'm pretty shook up=-one thing goes right 2 fall apart . Good luck.
  19. I'm not their father, just their coach. I consider them my kids since I spend so much time with them. No kids.... for a while for me.
  20. Its going good here. Had one of my kids go to junior duals and get his ass handed to him. He learned a lot, but it was a rough week for him. Now I'm working on getting another kid ready for Fargo. Hope to pull out a placement with him.
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