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  1. I got it working -thanks champ-russ
  2. I can reset your password if you want. I would try just typing in and creating a new favorite.
  3. Had to get a different -not new-computer and lost all my ''Favorites'' -so now when I go to 2 sites appear -the top one sometimes let's me in but the bottom one never does -says I don't exist .but herbp pops up but when I try a password it kicks me off then when I try to reset password it says I am not on file -then if I try to reregister it says ''sorry that name is taken''-you have way too many Goldman fans on your site . 18 years of SHIT is long enough -you know our state has some quality wrestling . But no way was Jim Humphries allowing Reece to wrestle for Goldman .Same with Andrew . And letting Purdue steal Cashe and Eppert with Esco graduating was just stupid -and all his great recruits cut out already -Cook ,Ramos and Malone. This Kriss kid is a freak-HUGE. How can Fagiano bounce around colleges like this ? I really had trouble getting credits for the classes I took at IUPUI to transfer .
    Take care CK, I really do miss your knowledge and witticism .Russ
  4. Thanks
  5. Congratulations on your wedding !!!!
  6. Hopefully your kid will get him next time -RD got in touch with me and we have a trade set up but Zapp is waiting for a third voting ballot -guys from the other league keep voting just to mess with Zapp-wish I'd never joined this crap .
    I miss coaching -more than anything .
  7. My kid lost in OT to Goldman's son. He battled with him and I was proud. He got a stalling call to send the match to OT. It was a good match and Goldman's son is a big kid!
  8. Yo CK-I am worried about |RD -Zapp is hard to deal with but RD has not put up a tournament line up-he could still easily win this thing .''Revenge is a dish , best served cold ''-any way you can get word to him ??
  9. I thought Goldman was GAY-Hopefully your kid will do damage to Shit head's son . I BEG him for me to rip his frigging head off !!
  10. One of my wrestlers is going up against Goldman's son tomorrow! My kid is a second year wrestler that was JV this year!
  11. Oh well-I knew I had to have scored higher than 24 .
  12. You were supposed to put them in on the site link I posted.
  13. CK-really -were my picks so bad that I didn't score ?i posted them on page one .
  14. Did I do so bad in the pick ems that I didn't score ?
  15. Sandefer was smart in going DII. He will be at least a 3X AA and contend for a national title too. Too many Indiana kids over estimate their potential and quit wrestling after figuring out that a 1X state placer isn't Big 10 material
  16. I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about college wrestling just because I refused to finish last .
    A lot of talent this year -why is Sandefer going to Indianapolis ? Thought he was big 10 material-glad to see runyan win it -Army brats have a hard time as they move around a lot -good kid -glad for shrewsberry too.
  17. I was there in press row wearing an tshirt. I had a great seat and it was a great time. Little Tshirt has improved tremendously the past two years. I saw him at Schoolboy Duals a few years ago and he was good, but nothing great. This summer at Fargo I knew he could contend for a title. He will be fun to watch the next three years. His brother NEVER beat someone like Quiroga until his junior year.

    I would go with Brown, but I haven't been into much college wrestling since I started the site.
  18. CK-I went to the State Friday night with some former wrestlers -was hoping you would be wearing a CHAMPKIND t-shirt so I could find you -Little Tshirt is something -Little ellis has done a great job with roncalli-For some reason he looks different than when I first met him in 7th grade -he was wrestling 83,5 freestyle.
    Help me choose my flex -please -Through trades I have arespectable line up-
    125 -Nickerson
    141 -Cleveland
    157 -Hall
    165 stewart
    174 -Henrich
    184 -Caputo
    197 -Halsey
    hwt -Wise
    I am flexing Brown from ODU now for conferences and wrestlng Brenner at 74 because he has makored everyone n his conference -I need to choose between Accordino,Barnes ,Brown ,Hamrah and Brenner -I had to give up my flex and another top wrestler for Metcalf -I was thinking Brown/Brenner .
  19. Go to edit your post and you'll have an option to delete it there.
  20. Would you be so kind as to tell me how to delete the post I made where I inadvertently picked the NCAA instead of the big 10 ?VAisforlovers can't find time to fill out a lineup for fantasy but he can take shots at me .?? Thanks.
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