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  1. 163 bames and the difference ? 1 run - a homerun straight from 'the Natural' from my fellow dinosaur . That is y i love baseball-you ever hear of Carlos Quinten 'til this year -I hadn't .
  2. Dang, the White Sox knocked out the Twins. The "piranhas" has a nice run anyway.
  3. Big game tomorrow -if it weren't for Thome I would be a Twins fan , in fact , they are my second favorite team-they play my kinda ball -get on base , put the ball in play and make something happen -besides Guillen is a total jerk.
  4. I'm not a PC tech guy but one of my sons is.

    This is his advice for removing AOL -

    Aol likes to hides pieces of itself everywhere and sometimes even after doing a uninstall some pieces of it stick around. First try going into your control panel and go into add/remove programs (programs and features for vista) and remove everything related to aol. After doing this there still might be some pieces of it remaining. To get rid of the rest you can download the microsoft installer cleanup utility, found at I know that it does not look like it applies when you read the discription but it works wonderfully for removing programs. Install the utility found about a third the way down the page, after installed run the utility from either the start menu (or in C:/program files/windows installer cleanup for vista) the utility is a more through cleanup of installers. If that still does not work you can go into your start menu and select run, then do msconfig. once in msconfig you can disable startup programs, after changing it you will have to do a restart but that should clear everything up. Hope this helps.
  5. CC -I am a regular on TWT and I was wondering if I could pick your brain about how to get this AOL crap off my system. Task Mgr. says AOLSPD and AOL something are running processes /when I try to stop them they restart immediately -I don't know if you ever read Danny Colasario's book-the Octupus -but it dealt with the PROMIS program and how anyone running it could read every word on your computer . They killed him as well ...
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