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  1. Buck-
    you'd better pick up Ryan from WEST Virginia (184) as some tournaments are starting and you can't afford to fft a tournament . Ryan split with Thoms last year and will be top 2 in EWL
  2. BV-
    If you can get him to do it yes -but remember Sanjaa is ranked 6th in the EIWA -which is ok becuase it is such a big conference I prefer my guys to get into consis -Ciasulli scored 22 last year for me finishing 5th . 3 falls and a major -the winner Dake, scored 26.
    I am going to have to drop Goeres if he is still sick and pick up Kemerer from Penn -he will get a minimum of 4 matches -Goeres is my point scorer and Drouin my wrestler for nationals.
  3. hey, I'm thinking I should offer Gold DesRoches for Ganbayar Sanjaa instead of Hamlin. Sanjaa would be an upgrade over Stephens, don't you think?
  4. After Reno offer Gold DesRoches for Hamlin -Rutt has poor schedule
  5. Young stuck the ODU kid in the first -Des roches and Disney will score you over 60 points next week-closer to 70-
  6. Fittery has a dual the 19th against ODU-if the trade takes place now you can use him next week
  7. Buck-
    talking to GBR now and he says you are asking for Fittery and ?? Fittery straight up is a great trade
    considering you are ffting 157 and Fittery is #1 in Nation
  8. Buck-You should drop Manuel and pick up Meys -also Mock from North Carolina is 14-6 and is going to Reno
  9. Buck-
    I miss having drop/adds-we are stuck until the supplemental draft with the guys we have . You made 2 GREAT moves today -both of them are at RENO and could win it .
    Also, I told ACc to make some trades -especially Cleveland -then the UTC coach answered me and CC will wrestle against Stanford and at RENO.Holler at ACCBOY and see if you can pick up Cleveland .
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