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  1. I'm not sure. He didn't make weight a couple of times, and didn't wrestle in their last dual, so he's a question mark for me.
  2. So far Lawrence has been decent, but not quite up to the potential that everyone knows that he has. I personally think that he has the most pure talent on UNI's entire team, but just has yet to realize it. It seems to me that he's just taking some time to get used to collegiate wrestling, and having enough confidence in his offense to really let it go. When he develops that, he can certainly be an all-american.
  3. Man, if I had the answer to that I'd be a genius. There are usually a variety of factors that cause such things, but yes, 19% is ridiculously low. So low that you have to wonder if there isn't something structurally in the system that is bringing this about. I wish that I could give you an answer, but I honestly can't without seeing any population or demographic data. That could tell me a lot.
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