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  1. HI-so glad you told me-how have you guys been ??
  2. I added a couple of recent pics of Karissa
  3. AV-Please let me know how everything worked out . I'd hate to have Karisa's self image spoiled by some dumass who reconciled themselves to a life of being a PIG 20 years ago .Thanks -russ
    P.S. -Tell K she does NOT have to force some of those throws !! and tell her to keep her hips under her and lock up tighter on that Lateral .
  4. PS-Tell Karisa how very proud of her I am .
  5. av,
    No problem -I've been so mad at nosey ass teachers before that I thought I would burst -they (teachers) are for the most part nice enough but a few go on power trips -only thing -they don't have THAT power . Make sure Karissa doesn't let this get to her . Most teachers were nerds -could not play a sport if they had to,especially thi lard ass you are talking about . Karissa is a beatiful young girl -don't let this pig teacher get in to her head .
    Ask Karissa what she wants to look like in 20 years -if she takes upthe eating and nutritional habits of pig/teacher she'll look like her in 20 . russ
  6. Thanks Russ
  7. Av,
    Really , I taught for years and I was coaching at Frankfort when I first came out of IU and a Band director told my #1 seed 125 he had to stay after school Friday night -the night our conferences started-I WENT OFF-my guy wrestled but WRONG WAY-to handle it -other teachers started calling me a bully -SET up an appointment with the teacher and the priciple and clear the aior -TAKE K- with you so you don't go off -EVERYTHING will be fine .russ
  8. Yea it really sucks
  9. We both suffer from Chriswellitis -the prick hasn't scored a point for me -a pox on his house .
  10. Casperson is redshirting this year so 197 will be Ryan Allen or Brent Chriswell, I do not know what the deal with Honeycutt is.
  11. What's up with Chriswell and Honeycutt -my other 184 -Brennar decided to cut down to 174 -so now i have a 174 lber and a hurt back-up ? Chriswell ? he and Casperson both die or what ?
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