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  1. Angel ruled that tournament -Robles won't wrestle .
  2. Also, time for reno to start
  3. Tom got me through a lot of tough times. If I can find some blank tapes, I'd be willing to take the time to copy them.
  4. youtube keeps droping tom's stuff -don't own a cd player but saw tom live in chicago in 81 he lives in my head As David Byrne once said ''there's a party in my mind and i hope it never stops''
  5. I'm a collector. I've got almost his entire catalog. Tell me what your missing and I'll see if I can't dig through the archives and get you some discs
  6. Well ya know -kinda like warm beer and cold women -i'd pull on your coattails but Y ? If your ever whistlin' past the graveyard come visit me on the nickel over there a bad liver and a broken heart -yea I drunk me a river since she tore me apart ...going over to Jersey cuz ain't nuttin better in this whole wild world when your in luv with a Jersey girl shallalala shala lala la...
  7. when I was in highschool, I always wanted the latest and greatest wrestling shoes there were. Once I got out of college and into the professional world with disposable income, I began to amass a collection of old school shoes from ebay and closeouts and the like. The shoes the guy was asking for are rare and old, so I figured I'd test the market. Nothing more than that.

    I'd be more than happy to share more details, but I'd rather do it through pm's, as I don't want to be percieved as slandering her. The year was hard emotionally, and it took its toll on me, but in the end, I took the high road and wish her the best. It didn't work, that happens, people make mistakes.

    I'm just glad I caught mine before it went on too much longer.

    By the way, how are you keeping up on your Tom Waits collection?

  8. Did the EX take everything ?? Selling your wrestling shoes ?? I am the poorest person I know but if you need some cash -I'll send you some -just promise me YOU will spend it on YOU and not alimony or something .
  9. Arch -you worthless Fuk -where are you ??? Let me know you are allright man -I can't imagine a divorce -I just split with my girl friend again and I am ready to choke the bitch-and I LOVE her .TOTALLY-so I can only imagine what you are going through -I truly hope this missive finds you well as I have been worried about you -moving -new job -divorce -heavy shit all at once . My e-mail s my name so send me a line and let me know you are ok , or need to hire a hitman -whatever - I am here for you .
  10. Arch -you have been put in STASIS -all your roster is frozen. I filled out the line ups for you -all you had to do was type them in and you'd be close -hell,, I made it to 4th-Keep in touch man . Too much stress is bad on ya .
  11. Arch -you want to trade one of your heavies ? I'm set at every place but back up 157 and a hwt . I could trade you Bonilla Bowman and ? for Saf and either Wise or Sheaffer -the vultures are swarming -I've posted twice to save your guys from being poached -RD149 has Wise on his roster as we speak-even though I told him and Zapp that he was yours . I am pretty strong every where but hwt /. Let me know if you want to part with SAf or a big boy . Just a yay or nay so I can keep looking .
  12. Arch-are you throwing in the towel -is so trade me Sanders so I can use him as my flex -i picked up about 60 + points today with 9 matches tomorrow -these fxxers have pissed me off by Zapps adjusting the rules to fit his needs -that or his friends -i'll give you Acordino 141 from Hofstra -i know I can reach the top 6 then I have 7-8 AA's and 1-2 champions -Zapp is letting RD149 pick up Williams from ODU as we speak -the only problem is Williams is owned by that guy who never shows -Vaisforlovers -when I tried to pick up Rader 6 weeks ago Zapp said no -I am shitty -but I won't guit -these fxxers will have to kill me . What do you say ?
  13. That works out well-Stewart has one week where he has 0 matches and that is when I'll use Roger -2/6 and 2/8-thanks alot -Riley is not to be under estimated -He'll beat Bresslar from Oregon State -he lost to him 6-4 last year as a freshman and now he has cut down and that Drexel kid he beat is pretty good-the Cal-Poly kid he majored placed 4th last year in the Pac-10-so Riley should win out after this week then lose to Smith-Probably-but he'll make the show .
    I'll tell Zapp and this is my last trade -I am tired -I have 29 matches this week and if I don't make up some ground I'm screwed anyway . I've been coaching ACCBOY and he's now beating me -life is so strange and not in a good way either .
    Thanks -next year if you do this Draft Graff Tanelli Ruschell Rutt Howe and Brandvold -name your team the Aryan warlords and see what happens .
  14. No man don't take a hint, I've been busy. Sorry to make you think I was ignoring you. I'll tell you what, I'll give you Smith-bergsrud from Illinois for Riley. Straight up trade. I've been super bogged down at work amongst other things. let me know if that works for you.
  15. Ok arch-I can take a hint -you don't want Orozco-let me know if you find ''Down by Law ''
    I'm too poor to buy it so I've been on an inter library loan for a year -can't even find it to rent . Tom is in prison in this one .
  16. Arch-hate to bother you man but i really want to get this wrapped up so I can find something else to do with my time . You need an 84 and I need a 65 -either the Purdue kid or Mueller from North Carolina .
    Please let me know yay or nay as soon as possible -THANKS .
  17. I found my guy if you still want Orozco-Riley is 16-7 but 3-0 at 184 with 2 majors-would you be so kiond as to draft me Keegan Mueller 165 NC or trade me Manuel as he has the matches on the missing dates Stewart has open .
    Your call but let me know today -I want to finalize everything and then watch it burn .

    I have never been so snake bit at anything as I am this shit . Like Trotman -wins 3 matches at Reno then disappears -no wrestle backs , no Southern Scuffle -he was #4 seed -no lonestar duals -nothing -he's 14-2 and apparentl;y done . And Kinser hasn't wrestled since Vegas-so please help an old fool out once more then we can move on to ore important things -like where do I find a copy of 'Down By Law' starring Thomas G.Waits .
  18. Finally got some sleep-You want Riley ? Pick meup either Headlee 165 from Pittsburgh or Bebee 133 CMU or trade me for your Purdue 65 pounder -I've used stewart all year and will continue to but he has an open week that Manuel will fill or Headlee -if not ? Beyond caring -but you do need an 84 and Riley is a good one .
  19. To quote Tom Waits -the last 2 days have been '' warm beer and cold women yea,I just don't fit in'' - Do you want or need Orozco ? Either of your 65 lbers or Bebee from CMU-Patterson has so many matches left I don't know where I'd use him but always nice to have a good big man handy . He majored Cal Poly and Columbia and beat the Drexel kid 5 or 6 points .
  20. Already done -I still have Orozco if you want to get rid of one of your 65 lbers we could do a straight trade . Orozco went 3-0 with a major or 2 -can't remember-all that work and only scored 81 points last week-we could do that trade or you could pick me up Bebee from CMU at 133 .
    My shoulder popped out and i've been awake for about 48 hours -whatever you decide -Riley is an Academic AA and a good kid -not like that ass Halsey.I'm sure you've already looked him up-some good wins last year as a freshman .
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