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  1. Yes Pope is one of my all time favorites. He was absolutly dominant for Bakersfield. The NCAA Div 1 crown was his for the taking, only to have the Iowa mystique and Rico Chiaprelli get the best of him. Unreal finish to the match.
  2. Just read your post about favorite matches -you are the firsy person besides me to ever mention Pope . He is a legend in my book-fromDiv 3 to Div 1?
    He is still the Strength coach at CalState Poly I believe .
  3. Welcome-on youtube I go under the title DR.Thule-hopefully we can chat or debate some topics we may have in common-just finished a wonderful book entitled 'Churchhill's Deception' -still working on 'Myth of he Twentienth Century'-reading it online since an original is beyond my grasp.
    Once again ,welcome.
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