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  1. what you do is write or e-mail Joe Dubuque -asst. coach at Hofstra -a street kid from NY who came to In. and won 2 NCAA titles -you can get his e-mail from the Hofstra website -I've met JoeD -as he is known here -but he won't remember me -enter as many local tournaments as you can -your name is gonna hurt you -peole are gonna try and ripyour head off so they can tell everyone they beat DC's brother .You are going to have to work harder than your brother and just go WRESTLE-F the camps and all that -you wrestle 50-70 freestyle matches this summer and you'll get better or you'll get hurt .I grew up piss poor and just worked my ass off -now it is different here in Indiana than Jersey or New york-THAT is why I want you to talk to JOE D -he is from the streets and could just have easily ended up in prison as college .
    A month ago you were ready to throw in the towel -YOU never quit . Now you are in position to win -I am very proud of you
  2. That does look like one of the best conf. line-ups out there. I cant wait till tomorrow.
    Hey russ when I get home I'm gonna be looking for some good fs/gr tourneys to get better. I'm not that good yet, but I like it. got anyplace in mind, pref. east coast.
  3. Things are looking good -Lucas has kicked ass today -he stuck his first guy -unsure of the second -your money should start rolling in tomorrow -ACC and Mac conferences -Sentes ,Garnett,Bebee ,Krom,Chinn,Burroughs ,Mueller ,Lucas -today-Jones ,Taylor and dobies -are all #1or 2 seeds .
  4. I m out here with my mom and dad. Blacksburg VA! Good luck big russ.
  5. I have been having trouble posting nothing is working. let me know if you get this.
  6. You did it again -you OK ? You'll be fine as long as Taylor and Krom come through -all your big 12 guys should get you bonuses as should your ACC guys plus sentes .
  7. Why did you send me a message without a message ? You OK ? Need anything ?
  8. You gained on mateater this week and you WILL pass him next week or when ever the conferences are-you have done a great job and I am really proud of both of us -we are going to finish in the top 6 and after that anything may happen. Make sure you turn your line up in on time and in the right area -the CONFERENCE line up-2 125's bebee .Krom,Chinn,Burroughs ,Mueller ,Lucas ,Jones ,Taylor and Dobies . Trust me and you will be in the finals -if you need /want Honeycutt let me know and he's yours .
  9. Sentes and Garnett for Nickerson and Accordino . Right ? 2 champs-conference- for one -Wrestle both of them and you should be ok .
  10. Glad to see you hookes up with tigerfan -I e-mailed him yesterday -Krom should win the ACC tourney and Accoerdino was my back up forever that I used when Cleveland ghad tough matches -he is 19-9 as a freshman and ranked 2nd in his confeence but can't beat a kid named williams from ODU-he was the guy you never heard of I traded hernendez to you to draft him for me -he is from Hofstra and they wrestle a tough schedule but I wrestled him 7 x and he won 6 .See last weeks point total for me and you will see he beat an edinboro hid he'd lost to earlier and then pinned a kid -really glad tigerfan hooked up with you -I told him he could have either Kinser or Winston -not Burroughs .
  11. I did not know he was avail. I will draft him for carimanica. Thanks.
  12. Nay, we could do a complex trade that would cost you and benefit you or if you have any drafts left pick up Alex Krom 141 Maryland -he is the only top ranked guy left and no one will trade -they know they have you by the nuts and are squeezing -one guy wanted Burroughs .
    I have pulled myself up by trading and alot of guys are not happy -I never took advantage of anyone but they are still upset because I went from 10th to 4th place .
    If you want to make a HUGE trade let me know -or add Krom -he has already beaten Carmancia -this late adding one guy isn't going to help much .
  13. Later lil roadie.
  14. Only winson or kisner. Gotta make a run real quick I will be back on early tommorrow. Thanks big bro.
  15. That sucks dick about DC-he needs OUT of that school -VATech or CMU-since I got in the arguement with Iu's coach I have loaded up on CMU guys -they are now my favorite team and I GRADUATED from IU .
  16. Russ, forgot to tell you. Darry is out til conf. time. He has a temp of 101.0 and his back is hurting from the match vs VA. His coach is not realy helping him in any part of his college experiance. Seems kinda selfish.
  17. I have the word out to 3 people -you would probably get more if you offered one of your 3 157 pounders .
  18. o well, I moved too fast. Keep me informed.
  19. I'll see what I can do but please go drop Hernandez and keep Kinser as trade bait .NOW .
  20. you should have dropped Hernandez and kept Kinser .!!! Hernandez got hurt lasst week -Kinser is ranked #12.
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