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  1. I made a mistake -or rather intermat put the scores in the wrong order -hopefully he'll be your guy for 4 years . I've had the pleasure of watching him the last 4 and he is the best wrestler to ever come out of Indiana -one loss to Reece Humphries and the rest were wins -his soph year he beat Nick Walpole in the semi-finals and Nick was a fully matured senior against this scrawny looking kid and he took Nick -TF'd everyone he wrestled at state last year -first time in History that's been done -ya got a good one . In fact , I'm about to trade Trevor Stewart and wrestle Andrew full time .
  2. hello --

    Which night are you referring to? Howe had a knee infection a little while ago which is why he wasn't in until Oregon State.
  3. Greetings , I was wondering if you might know why davis didn't wrestle Howe the other night ? They certainly could have used him .
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