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    I was a beer keg.. (the tap is the helmet)

    King writes some great stuff, "The Stand" and the "Dark Tower" series are both favorites of mine as well.
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    It surprises me he can't make 149 because there was talk of him going 141 for a couple years.
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    Dang, the White Sox knocked out the Twins. The "piranhas" has a nice run anyway.
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    Russ - I am not ignoring you - but I would prefer to reply confidentially. When I can figure out how to send a private message, I will. In the meantime, thanks for the compliments!
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    I don't doubt that at all. There are plent of flakes to go around.
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    Go to and write Yevloyev or Ingushetia in the search field. There are several hundred arctiles about his murder (2 days ago), about the rally during his funeral (yesterday) and about the police breaking up the rally (early this morning).
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    Yeah, the doc and therapist stated majority of the people who have to come back are the ones who do too much too early. They told me 4-8 weeks before I will feel better, but I should wait another 4 weeks before I really try to lift anything heavy or any other kind of strenuous activity. I'm just getting back to walking a little down the block, but still have some numbness in my foot so I limp a little, plus I still get a little inflammation in my back and a little cramping in my calf.

    Therapist says lots of walking on our school track is best for the first few months. Probably won't get to step on the mat again until spring and maybe not til the summer. I really don't want to go through that again because I've never felt pain that bad before when it pinches the sciatic. Not afraid to admit it had me in tears.

    Anyways, good luck with your recovery man. I start school on tues so we'll see how I go.
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    I had two herniated discs that needed worked on. Caused pressure to my sciatic nerver that made me have a lot of numbness in my left foot and part of my leg. The numbness is almost gone and eventually should completely go away, according to the doctor. It was a day surgery, stayed over night for recovery and have slowly been getting better everyday.
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    I'm not a PC tech guy but one of my sons is.

    This is his advice for removing AOL -

    Aol likes to hides pieces of itself everywhere and sometimes even after doing a uninstall some pieces of it stick around. First try going into your control panel and go into add/remove programs (programs and features for vista) and remove everything related to aol. After doing this there still might be some pieces of it remaining. To get rid of the rest you can download the microsoft installer cleanup utility, found at I know that it does not look like it applies when you read the discription but it works wonderfully for removing programs. Install the utility found about a third the way down the page, after installed run the utility from either the start menu (or in C:/program files/windows installer cleanup for vista) the utility is a more through cleanup of installers. If that still does not work you can go into your start menu and select run, then do msconfig. once in msconfig you can disable startup programs, after changing it you will have to do a restart but that should clear everything up. Hope this helps.
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    Crazy people. I think it's be pretty easy to prove. I'm sure there'd be some passport records that his mother traveled to Kenya if she did.
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    We're good. My older son got his Associates Degree and he needs ot keep going but he has so many interests and he doesn't know what he should study. He's a good artist and he wants to study graphic design like his mom and dad, but he also likes to cook and thinks about cooking school. He has two jobs right now and no days off. Four days a week he works with a friend of ours installing security systems at Loyola University and he cooks at a wheat-free bakery and cafe on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. His main thing right now is trying to save some money and get his girlfriend here from California for next semester. She'll be here at Thanksgiving time to look at schools and apartments. I think he needs to see that his money from these jobs isn't going to go real far when he has to pay rent. That will get him back in school! He also wants to build a computer from scratch and graft an apple tree. No lack of agendas for him!

    How's your health and PT going?
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    "I received about 10 red dots" LOL! I thought I was the only one who ever got slammed like that. Thanks! I needed that.

    It's a difficult time and the polarixation reminds me of the country during the Civil War. I'm not ready to abandon ship but we are going to have to come together on some things and stop attackign each other constantly.
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    I like this forum but there is a strange standard here sometimes. "Jewess" would not be offensive at all. I posted a thread on Islam being a violent and oppressive religion (which it is) and got blasted from all sides. I suspect part of this is related to what our universities are currently teaching and the PC environment. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to have a honest discussion and use real words out of the dictionary without being blasted for it.

    It's one of the disturbing things about the radical left. If you don't agree with a position they take, no matter what your reasoning, you are immediately labeled as a "facist", "homophobe", "bigot", "racist" or whatever happens to suit the purpose at the time. It is totally dishonest dialogue and meant to villify anyone who disagrees. It's just the opposite of freedom of speech and yet the ones who are name calling think they invented free speech. Very strange!
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    I'll look into it later. It's disturbing, to say the least, especially in light of the Ramos/Compean border guard imprisonment. It seems like there are those who want to do anything that hinder the US from defending itself or military functions.

    Thanks for the note.
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    I'll recheck. If true, this is threat to scare off enlistments.
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    Calley was a military conviction not a civil one that you are alluding to. No, I didn't find any news of this.
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    I did not suffer from bouts of fatigue. If anything my energy levels slowly rose as I became more mobile and my metabolism level increased. There are many things that can cause fatigue and you need to see your general practitioner to begin the screening process to try and pinpoint what is causing yours. If it is only occurring after exercise then it could be a blood sugar issue but I would not try and self diaganose this problem.
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    Don't what's up. It still works on the tube. Here's the link.
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    Joe Fagiano is transferring to Hofstra, a pretty big loss for IU
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    I never looked at the Anne Frank Diary thread. No interest. But since you asked the question I did some very quick research into that and the "Bloody Sunday" that I have seen you reference twice now.

    As a result, the first question that comes to my mind is whether you are either trying to recruit me or co-opt me.

    Are you sure you wish to pursue this?

    Hint: Those who try to deny the fact of the holocaust meet with my complete contempt AND DISMISSAL.
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I joined this site while recuperating from surgeries . i love this forum and really don't care about the recovery that much anymore .
I am really happy about the # of friends I've met and am amazed by the wrestling knowledge every one possesses .
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Danville .Indiana
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Ben Davis. Indpls , In.
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Our team was ranked #1 in the State my junior and senior years .
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won an academic ride to IU
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I had an 89 mph fastball -baseball coach refused to let me wrestle in the summer .
Wrestled AAU in Jr.high-3rd in state at 163 freestyle


You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.


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