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    I'm trying to stay out of last place and save some pride.
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    sure, you can have Glasser. Good luck.
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    I already gave you 1 conference champ at 197, I would prefer to keep my second--not to mention all the extra matches I gave you through Byers...
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    What are your thoughts on what might be fair and useful for Poeta?
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    Brenner and Honeycutt for Poeta? I'm not sure about that one but let me know what you think...
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    Ahhhh what did you do with Ruschell? I was going to offer you Metcalf and Halsey for Poeta and Ruschell, but I can't do that for Barnes...
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    Hall for Halsey?
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    I dont have Byers I have Halsey and Todd at 197.

    Halsey beat Byers at the Scuffle
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    Yeah I have seen Marone wrestle once or twice, he is tough but pretty undersized.

    I wasnt completely sold on Dudziak but in my opinion he DID beat Rosholt when they wrestled at Reno, he got fucked by the ref.

    Hopefully he will be back here
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    Even better. That is as fair as anyone could ask for.
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    If your looking at porter still I like Garnett or Cleveland as possibiles
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    yeah I dunno wahts up with dudziak trying to figure that out myself...

    I do have dobies though so in the unfortunate event that he doesnt come back from whatever it is I'll still have the #1 guy in the ACC.
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    I don't know why you're down about it--It seems like you definitely got the better end of that deal to me.
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    I thought you couldn't trade Hall? I would be interested in trading for either of them.

    Can I see your updated roster? I'm thinking of some plans...
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    can you afford to be short a guy? if so then absolutely.
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    I do want to ditch hernandez lol but not badly enough that I'm going to trade away someone else just to do it.

    Its more of I just want to get rid of him thing, if no one takes him (and I dont think anyone will) then its really not that big of a deal. My team will be fine with 14 quality wrestlers
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    Miller is an AA contender, Barone is a middle-tier wrestler at best, why on earth would I do that lol.

    Even if he would somehow get me more points in the regular season (which he probably wouldnt), he isnt even a top 20 guy and miller is top 10.

    You are probably not going to make the playoffs so you can try some crazy trades if you want, but I'm a pretty sizeable favorite to win the league and I'm battling Dart for 1st/2nd in the regular season. Both of us have over a 100 point lead on the 3rd place guy.

    Barring an asteroid hitting Earth its 100% I'll be making the playoffs and sending my team to NCAAs. With that knowledge why would I want to trade away an AA contender and conference champ for someone who might not even qualify?

    Unless someone is going to offer me a top 4 guy the only trades I'd possibly be interested in are for a top 10 125 pounder, or MAYBE a 184 pounder.
    I want to trade Hernandez more to get him off my team then I do because I expect to
    pick up anyone good.
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    Yeah I guess I was thinking in terms of overall skill level/NCAA potential.

    Considering you are doubtful to even make NCAAs you should try to keep every regular season point you can get.
    Although to be honest, the b10 is MAD weak at 197, Herbst shouldnt have any problem winning it.
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    Both of those trades would be amazing for you if you are the one getting herbst/russel

    The thing is my team is loaded I really dont need to make any changes lol.

    No point in picking up a backup 197 when I already have 2 197 pounders in the top 10.

    Really the only weights I need any more strength are 125 and possibly 184, and I've already looked and there are no trade opportunities at those weights that I would be interested in.

    Also the thing is, 133 is so stacked I dont want to pick up grey because even if he is as good as miller or better 133 is twice as tough so I wouldnt be surprised to see him not aa this year.

    I would trade Miller for a top 10 125 pounder but the only two people who have an extra top 10 25er wont trade them I have already asked.

    I love making trades but there is really no reason to at this point, the only people on Darts team I really want are nicholson and Kilgore and he has already said he wont be trading either.
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    yeah but I already have two quality 141 pounders so i dont really need another is the problem.

    Plus I doubt he would agree to trading williams for hernandez he is a huge ODU homer.

    I dunno I'll think about it though Grey for Miller might pay off or it might not... grey has looked more talented then miller in the past but he's been crazy inconsistent this year, while miller has been solid if not spectacular.
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I joined this site while recuperating from surgeries . i love this forum and really don't care about the recovery that much anymore .
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