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    I know, but I talked to Martin last week when I was in Virginia ... said it's still "up in the air" ... but if I had to guess, he'll be in the lineup
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    It's a "wait and see" with Nicholson, but Baxter is in school, might be ineligible. I saw him at the home opening football game. They're not sure what they're going to do with a couple of line-up issues.
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    I've broken it down to where I'm going to be filling in my entire season schedule as a I draft guys. Should help me make better use of Rounds 11-15.
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    I kind of know LaValle (I mean I've heard of him)...he was from Apple Valley in MN, going to ODU this year (assuming he's redshirting)...very good in folk and free, but probably at his best in Greco.
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    I know, and he's the one guy that I'm nervous about dealing with.

    I asked Zapp about him and Zapp said he was good early on, so I'm hoping that if I get on his ass about being active he'll do so. Again I appreciate the heads up though.
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    No clue man. Unless Hofstra just didn't want him and said go ahead and go back and released him.
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    I would have loved to have taken Gold on, but he didn't throw his name in. We have three new people in my league this year...yourself, Zapp, and MatEater.
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    Yo Russ...I don't know if you've seen but I'm very close to filling my fantasy league for this season. I've got one spot still open, and both Lost and Mojo have gone on record as wondering if you'd like to take it.

    The spot is yours if you want it as I know I won't have to worry about you being an active owner, but I've also heard that you and Gold may run the second league this year.

    Let me know.
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    You know, I just think Goldman has been at his position for too long to keep his program mired this low in the conference. Granted, they're a top-15 or top-20 team tournament-wise (thanks in large part to Escobedo) but, as you mentioned, they aren't able to keep things moving forward on a dual-strength basis due to not being able to bring along their lower-tier starters. I met Duane over the summer at the NWCA Convention and he seemed a pretty nice guy, but that's not supposed to keep you in your position when you aren't getting the job done. That said, Indiana has chosen a good year to be "down", because the rest of the conference (save the top three) are as well, but I'm not sure I see the Hoosiers getting into the single-digits.
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    Never heard of him. My expertise ends with the Big Ten and Big 12. Plus a few other teams like Cornell, ASU, Oregon, BSU, UNI etc...App St is way off my radar. Sounds like a sleeper pick but I have to wonder why he had so many forfiets. Was he hurt alot? For him to get the loss on a FF means that he had to at least try to wrestle the match. Gives me a little concern.
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    I like the Minnesota/Iowa rivalry. Recently it's been more fun than the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry. Iowa State has been good but in the back of your mind you know that they are still the Cyclones and will lose when the pressure is on. Although I hate to lose to them it is what our rivalry with Minnesota needed. I could only hate them more if they were Okie St.
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    I wouldnt pick Jantzen if he and Jesse Sundell were the last two left. He really screwed me over last year with being hurt all the time and never wrestling! Still a little bitter about it.

    Those Minnesota guys are gonna be good and probably this year...But not as good as the homers on this site want you to think. They arent going to beat Iowa and its not going to be a two point dual either.
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    .............U LOVE GOLDMAN
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    Eppert must be a stud since he defeated Ty Mitch at Juniors, Mitch is lightning fast and destroyed Jim Jordan's son in the State Semi's this year.....YOU LOVE GOLDMAN
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    Midlands, National Duals, Northeast Duals (Lehigh, Central Mich, Northern Colorado), Body Bar tourney, Cornell, Kent State, Purdue, Hofstra, Navy, American, our ACC schedule.

    We won't go undefeated, if that's what you mean. But we wrestled perhaps a tougher schedule last year (had Iowa, Missouri, Lehigh, Nebraska, Okla, Edinboro), finished 10-8-1 in duals; but won the ACC and finished 10th at NCAAs.

    We have a better, more balanced team, this year. This year's team will be the best team that the University of Maryland has EVER had. Assuming we avoid injuries, etc.,

    I think we can do some damage at the National Duals. Don't know who we will meet there, I don't see anyone else on our schedule we're not capable of beating in a dual.

    And I think a trophy finish at NCAAs. We will have perhaps 8 guys on the mat who have legitimate chances to AA, and 3 or 4 of those who are capable of reaching the NCAA finals.
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    Yup, Utah Valley University (name change) is eligible for the Division I Nationals.
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    [ame=""]Duane Goldman - IU gettin back on top | Hoosier Daddy? on Flowrestling[/ame] thought you would enjoy this
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    No rumors...Franklin was a 19 in high school, and a 25 as a rs frosh. I can't really see him going up another weight, especially given that he's about it at MSU right now.
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    Haha sorry. I'm trying to take it easy over summer break. What's new with you? And how is your housing situation?

    I think Humphrey should be the man at 141 next year, if he improves much at all, and if he finds a way to consistently off the bottom, he should have a verrry good year.

    Lawrence North is Humphrey's school, too, right? Along with Greg Oden and Mike Conley. I guess it's a school that's been pretty good to Ohio State, so I might pick that guy up. Who is Wright?
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    Melde, Dave Seidenberg and Dave Greenwald are all at 141. There are incoming recruits that wrestled 135 in HS, Evan Brewer and Cullen Isenberg,, but I imagine both will redshirt the Fr season. Seidenberg is no match for Melde. Greenwald is an academic headache and may not be around. Melde will own the weight class and even if Greenwald is around, Coiach Goodale is not one tom share a position, you own it or the other guy does. Melde would be a good pick to rack up some wins considering RU's "light" schedule. If Greenwald is back, pencil him in at 149, though he could go suicidal and run at 133. That's a dead weight class for Rutgers.
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