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    Not sure what you read, but it doesn't suprise me. I think the heightened security surrounding the 9/11 ceremony is BS, too. I think they are going to try and act like they stopped something and show that Obama and his administration is really on top of things. Notice that 1st responders were not invited probably b/c most of them believe that they were imploded. Also no clergy of Christian faith b/c one of the ways of controlling people is to ban religion. They did it in Russia back in the day. I know very little about the McVeigh situation, so I'll have to do more research on that. I just can not believe that people can live with themselves after murdering all those people in a vain attempt to gain more control. It truly is sad.
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    Hey I just realized how long it's been since I checked in to see how things were going with you health wise. How's the foot? Shoulder? Everything else?

    I'll be out of town this weekend at my in-laws so I hope you have a great weekend.
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    I would definitely try the PT first. Maybe even an occupational therapist. The OT will focus more on what you want to be able to do with your shoulder and try to get you there instead of a PT trying to get you back to what you were in your 20s. Not sure what you want to be able to do, but things like combing your hair, reaching up, steering a car....are things an OT can help you with. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I just search ALL options before having surgery. If you get an honest PT or OT, they will be able to tell you if surgery is best option. GOOD LUCK! Keep me posted.
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    ---------------------------------------------> IN CONCLUSION! <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I am fully committed to keeping my sugars low, my spirit high and eyes on the prize brother! (wanting to see my daughter graduate from college and my son wrestle in his 1st NCAA tourney 4 years from now, + grandchildren + growing old with my woman are additional reasons!!) Since the Ca. H.O.F. induction, I have thought more about these things and have been feeling much better and more optimistic. Your kindness and thoughtfullness has really added to the many blessings I have to be thankful and greatful for.

    Much Love Brother Russ and I am looking forward to pounding you in this years fantasy wrestling season.

    All the best to you and those who you care about,and those who care about you .
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    ----------> Cont.
    My health issues that you were so kindly concerned with are diabetes and artheritis. I have been taking good care of my diabetes prety well again, after a 6 month or so period of moping around feeling sorry for myself.Got my Quarterly A1c levels (the average daily blood sugar level as measured through a more precise blood measure than the daily finger prick!) has been back down to 7 and then 6.7 in the last two measurements (Normal is below 7.5; During my "woe is me" period, I was up to 8.7; serious danger is sustaining 9.0 or higher for 2 consecutive readings). So it loo like I am back on track, but its a constamt battle.Since I fully intend to sit down with you at some real mans pub near a future NCAA Championship arena someday in the near future,
    ----------------------> Still too f'n long! Finished in the next mssg.<------------------------------
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    Thanks for the check-in, it's much appreciated! I'm with you on the sudden (to me) and horrible death of good brother Shlotkke. Since I don't follow H.S. wrestling as closely as I should, I had no idea what a stud he was on the mat. I just knew him as one of the truely nice people on this site, and someone whom I figured I would sit down and have a beer or 10 with at the NCAA's someday. As you said, however, this life is so precious and we never know when someone we "intended to get to gether with someday" may run out of somedays sooner than anyone planned. Same with us my friend.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------> Message to long, continued on next post!
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    Payton, sorry, somehow just realized I had a message from 5 months ago. My memory may be a little off so some of this may be inaccurate. But to answer your question about Midlands. Yes, when I saw a bunch of the Mizzou wrestlers have early losses such as McCormick, Haynes, Schavrien, K. Bradley, Larson, I was thinking that they could put up a lot of bonus points in the wrestlebacks and I figured they would climb up the leaderboard. I still wasn't thinking championship, but I was very excited for the second day of wrestling to start. I knew they had a lot of very good wrestlers, but not necessarily elite. Truly a great moment in MIZZOU wrestling.

    Same thing at NCAA's in the wrestlebacks. They had a very good wrestleback round, just weren't quite there as far contending for AA honors. Obviously, Shcav and Bradley not included.

    I know your post was from a long time ago, but I didn't want to seem like a prick by not responding.
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    Russ my friend, that stuff isn't good. You have me constantly worrying about you and concerned. I would like to help you out my friend but you seem like you are unwanting of any kind of help. If you wanted help, I would be there for you.

    I am not a religious zealot but in times like this I have turned to God and asked him what my purpose was or why I was here. He never lets me down but you have to be open to listening for his sign or a message of some sort. In my instance, its my three boys, my family and my friends.

    I hope you are feeling better today my friend. Please hang in there.
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    No line up for Lost?
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    Well now there are 2 of us that don't think your a prick and whom you have helped get to the playoffs. Your a good man Russell Herbert Payton.
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    Well, it was a fun season, Russ. thanks for the advice.
    My conference meet kind of sucked though; I figure I lost about 40 points with guys not making there seed: Morrison, Rutt, Yohn, and Scthmit. Bug and Powless exceeded theres. G'luck in the finals.

    Hey, BTW, who is 'homerdindon"???

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    GO LEHIGH u got me roaring into the finals Thanks!
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    That's good on Kemmerer. So me, Zapp and Mojo are battling for 2 wild cards or battling for the last wild card? I can see me getting up to around 212-215.
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    Ruth winning and Spons pulling an upset on an obviously injured Howe would really help. I can't afford anyone else really losing today.
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    Welp disappointing to say the least loses opener to eventual finalist was down 4-1 neutral late tried a feet ot back and lost 8-1 won his first consi then was winning his r12 match into the second kid chose top ran a monster power half and hurt my kids shoulder pretty bad. He continued but couldn't do anything.
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    Thanks Russ didn't have a chance to tell ya last week been busy our District tournament (step before state in Ohio) and I qualified 7 wrestlers all freshman but 1 senior so we will be formidable in years to come. I got one guy through, the Senior, so I was happy for him but overall disappointed I thought we'd qualify 3 but shit happens. Thanks for the advice and if you follow Thurs,Fri,Sat my kid is at 130 Chris Shultz D2 Ohio Lewistown Indian Lake I'm hoping he can sneak into the 5-8 range in placement he is in DiJulius,Fickels weight and we are no match for either of them but I think he's right there with the rest of them. Thanks again
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    Thanks Russ I realized all that just was sort of going off my gut...we'll see if I am right.
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    Thanks Russ but I have noway to add anyone else to my roster this year!
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    BTW, Brett favre is glenn Handrick from Minoqua. Had no idea that he had any connection to the Howe family.
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    Russ: Both Bug and Steinhaus are ranked #4 in teh Big 10. Assuming that Z is wrestling, should i use Bug or Steinhaus as my flex?
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