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    where you from? ohio i'm assuming. i grew up im macedonia, just curious. is quinn14 from brady quinn? if so im sorry man, i was on that wagon too
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    BB is and always has been an idiot. He has questioned me on things i personally have experienced - like the fact that illegals receive welfare and Food stamps in Indiana .
    He claims to be an 'educator' yet has also stated he was a social worker.I think Political correctness has castrated him. I WOULD NOT share a foxhole with him.
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    Ban is a bitch . He claims to be a ''fact man'' but he picks and chooses stats until he finds something he professes to be a ''fact''.
    Fuck him.
  4. View Conversation of the better new sites-
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    Most Masons really think they are doing good works . It's not until you each the 30+ degrees you find out your entire life has been a lie.
    All the 13 arrows and 33 steps are obvious -yet I've never seen the the winged demon before .Nor did i know the 1 with a shield was the rothschilds coat of arms. I just finished a book about how the Federal reserve may have killed Kennedy as he was doing away with the FRB.
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    Take a look at the illuminati one dollar bill. this video is done by a former satanist who is trained to see the hidden signs .This is the best video i've seen . I posted it under politics and religion.
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    I think he has to go to Mexico for his injections -he posts a ton right after them then I think the pain sets in-hopefully he'll be back in a day or two.
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    Very interesting piece on Bertil Fox. Man had some demons. Seemed to be a great bodybuilder though. Glad he is no longer going to be hanged. I'm a proponent of capital punishment but not by hanging...Unless your Saddam. I also watched a documentary called Total Rebuild. It's about Arnolds comeback for the 1980 Mr. Olympia. He decided to start training hard just eight weeks before it, after retiring five years earlier. Amazing.

    I'm starting to view him in the same light as I do Kirby Puckett. I have an insane amount of respect for what he accomplished in his sport but both are kind of DB's in their personal lives. Specifically in the way they treat women. I'm starting to think that nobody will ever reach the hights that Gable has, for me, as a sports hero and as a great family man.
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    I will check that out thanks for the info. I've always been interested in body building but have never done it myself. The dedication and hard work it takes to do that is mind boggling to me. I usually don't make it past two months when I work out. Pumping Iron is a great documentary. Its interesting to me that Arnold knew that nobody could touch him and he kind of carried himself that way. I'm gonna check out the video you recommended right now.
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    Zac Richey. It wasnt exciting, but 3-2 is how it goes against tough guys. We lost last week to the kid by the same score.
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    Sorry, just got your message. If you watched you could have seen my 160 win it all! It was sweet!
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    McVeigh was quoted saying he thought the ARMY had implanted a chip in his butt-the same type of chip cooper talks about-the ones used to send signals through Mentally ill patients -Cooper writes 1/40 Humans are implanted-he was erring on the cautious side-IMO-one of the first implants to go wrong was the Dallas sniper-right after leaving the marines he took the tower and killed randomly-mid-60's-ALL of this comes through NAZI research in concentration camps.
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    Just finished reading a bunch of stuff on mcVeigh and the OK. bombings-not ONE site mentioned the explosives found by Cooper-they portray McVeigh as a lone nut-if he was alone how did the extra explosives come into play ?
  14. View Conversation Content site is for ex-military personnel-i respect their rights to privacy so i have not lied and joined . They try to get the truth out to vets -if you go to their history page you can find secrets that are not declassified ! Then go do the research on your own ..
    The page begins with a quote from James Madison-how truth should remain in daylight-exposes a lot of CIA and other covert activities.
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    Hey I've been posting blog updates at I'll probably keep the one here updated as well but I'm not sure. For now there are a couple more posts at the link.
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    just got back from my surgeon and the bone holding my shoulder implant has eroded so much he wants to do a total shoulder reversal-a procedure reserved for 65 +-i am trying PT for 2 weeks then must let him know whether i want the surgery or not-have no use of right arm and ROM is 0-kinda scared as i just had a replacement 3 years ago-implant has shifted up and now is stretching the muscles trying to get free ??
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    I went back and posted the arrest of Bisard -his blood alcohol was .19-and yet he is still employed-this is a major ongoing story in Indianapolis. The guy is basically getting away with murder.
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    Hello quinn14,

    Welcome to!

    First you want to stop by and edit your Profile Picture and your Profile Information.

    Stay Connected with the Amateur wrestling toolbar. You'll never have to bookmark!

    Then, go check out the wrestling & mixed martial arts forum and our selection of Wrestling Gear.

    Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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