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  1. Yeah,
    BB is and always has been an idiot. He has questioned me on things i personally have experienced - like the fact that illegals receive welfare and Food stamps in Indiana .
    He claims to be an 'educator' yet has also stated he was a social worker.I think Political correctness has castrated him. I WOULD NOT share a foxhole with him.
  2. I agree. I have tried to explain my side of the debate and he picks out tiny things and bitches about it. Then I prove him wrong about those tiny things and he changes his argument. It's sad. He bet me $1000 about the unemployment rate a few weeks ago and I kept telling him I didn't want to bet b/c he was wrong and he'd never pay. Then when I finally took the bet and he realized he was wrong, he weaseled his way out of it like I knew he would. The dude is a douche. Calls me dumb but when you give him facts, he makes up a reason why those facts aren't right but never gives proof of his thoughts. He really should be a paid spokesman for Obama because he sees no wrong in anything that is so-called "progressive".
  3. Q,
    Ban is a bitch . He claims to be a ''fact man'' but he picks and chooses stats until he finds something he professes to be a ''fact''.
    Fuck him.
  4. I just did a quick check and noticed that it was russian times or something like that. I find it hard to trust any russian news outlet to be honest. They rank 5th in the world for journalists being murdered. Then they hire Assange and claim that he will be able to be free and do what ever he wants. BULLSHIT!! He went to them for protection and he will lie if need be to be protected. He definitely will not reveal anything about them! Here are the stats on how russia treats journalists: Journalists Murdered in Russia - Committee to Protect Journalists

    I will still check out the site later, I just don't trust people who claim to be honest, yet murder those who oppose them.
  5. Thanks. I will check it out more in a couple of days. I got a bachelor party to go to tomorrow and Mother's Day get together on Sunday. But I will check it out.
  6. of the better new sites-
  7. Q,
    Most Masons really think they are doing good works . It's not until you each the 30+ degrees you find out your entire life has been a lie.
    All the 13 arrows and 33 steps are obvious -yet I've never seen the the winged demon before .Nor did i know the 1 with a shield was the rothschilds coat of arms. I just finished a book about how the Federal reserve may have killed Kennedy as he was doing away with the FRB.
  8. I saw your post earlier. I have also seen stuff like that on Discovery Channel. I don't doubt any of it. When I watched the video you posted, I actually took out a bill and checked it out. This stuff is crazy. The thing that really gets me is that my grandpa was a Mason. He was my favorite human being of all time. I don't think he knew what they were because I've heard that lower level Masons don't know fully what it's about. It is just really upsetting that he was in a group like that. He was not only the coolest person ever, but he was a Believer, too. That's what makes me think he didn't know what they were all about. Or maybe I'm just making excuses for him in my own mind. I don't know.
  9. Q,
    Take a look at the illuminati one dollar bill. this video is done by a former satanist who is trained to see the hidden signs .This is the best video i've seen . I posted it under politics and religion.
  10. I think he has to go to Mexico for his injections -he posts a ton right after them then I think the pain sets in-hopefully he'll be back in a day or two.
  11. Hey man. Have you heard anything from KR lately? On facebook or another wrestling site.....I haven't seen any posts from him in a week or so and I'm wondering if the cancer has gotten worse. I'm not on facebook so I have no idea if he's been on there or not. Let me know if you know anything.
  12. Q,
    McVeigh was quoted saying he thought the ARMY had implanted a chip in his butt-the same type of chip cooper talks about-the ones used to send signals through Mentally ill patients -Cooper writes 1/40 Humans are implanted-he was erring on the cautious side-IMO-one of the first implants to go wrong was the Dallas sniper-right after leaving the marines he took the tower and killed randomly-mid-60's-ALL of this comes through NAZI research in concentration camps.
  13. Not sure what you read, but it doesn't suprise me. I think the heightened security surrounding the 9/11 ceremony is BS, too. I think they are going to try and act like they stopped something and show that Obama and his administration is really on top of things. Notice that 1st responders were not invited probably b/c most of them believe that they were imploded. Also no clergy of Christian faith b/c one of the ways of controlling people is to ban religion. They did it in Russia back in the day. I know very little about the McVeigh situation, so I'll have to do more research on that. I just can not believe that people can live with themselves after murdering all those people in a vain attempt to gain more control. It truly is sad.
  14. q,
    Just finished reading a bunch of stuff on mcVeigh and the OK. bombings-not ONE site mentioned the explosives found by Cooper-they portray McVeigh as a lone nut-if he was alone how did the extra explosives come into play ?
  15. Content site is for ex-military personnel-i respect their rights to privacy so i have not lied and joined . They try to get the truth out to vets -if you go to their history page you can find secrets that are not declassified ! Then go do the research on your own ..
    The page begins with a quote from James Madison-how truth should remain in daylight-exposes a lot of CIA and other covert activities.
  16. I would definitely try the PT first. Maybe even an occupational therapist. The OT will focus more on what you want to be able to do with your shoulder and try to get you there instead of a PT trying to get you back to what you were in your 20s. Not sure what you want to be able to do, but things like combing your hair, reaching up, steering a car....are things an OT can help you with. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I just search ALL options before having surgery. If you get an honest PT or OT, they will be able to tell you if surgery is best option. GOOD LUCK! Keep me posted.
  17. Q,
    just got back from my surgeon and the bone holding my shoulder implant has eroded so much he wants to do a total shoulder reversal-a procedure reserved for 65 +-i am trying PT for 2 weeks then must let him know whether i want the surgery or not-have no use of right arm and ROM is 0-kinda scared as i just had a replacement 3 years ago-implant has shifted up and now is stretching the muscles trying to get free ??
  18. I went back and posted the arrest of Bisard -his blood alcohol was .19-and yet he is still employed-this is a major ongoing story in Indianapolis. The guy is basically getting away with murder.
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