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  1. I have long believed that there is a certain level of conceit involved in being one of the world's best anything. Pete Rose is my favorite athlete, but look what he did to his self. Same with Magic Johnson, Bertil Fox, OJ Simpson......I think when you are capable of mastering you're mind enough to not let anything get in the way of your goal, it has got to be hard to not think that you're special and don't have to follow all the rules. Fans praise plays into that too.

    I actually met a couple who were "friends" of Gable's when I was on a Caribbean Cruise. They said he was a helluva nice guy, but not real social. They said it always seemed like he was analyzing everything and couldn't really let loose. He is probably the master of controlling his own mind, so letting go of that can't be easy.
  2. Very interesting piece on Bertil Fox. Man had some demons. Seemed to be a great bodybuilder though. Glad he is no longer going to be hanged. I'm a proponent of capital punishment but not by hanging...Unless your Saddam. I also watched a documentary called Total Rebuild. It's about Arnolds comeback for the 1980 Mr. Olympia. He decided to start training hard just eight weeks before it, after retiring five years earlier. Amazing.

    I'm starting to view him in the same light as I do Kirby Puckett. I have an insane amount of respect for what he accomplished in his sport but both are kind of DB's in their personal lives. Specifically in the way they treat women. I'm starting to think that nobody will ever reach the hights that Gable has, for me, as a sports hero and as a great family man.
  3. I will check that out thanks for the info. I've always been interested in body building but have never done it myself. The dedication and hard work it takes to do that is mind boggling to me. I usually don't make it past two months when I work out. Pumping Iron is a great documentary. Its interesting to me that Arnold knew that nobody could touch him and he kind of carried himself that way. I'm gonna check out the video you recommended right now.
  4. Hey, your mention of Pumping Iron through me back to my HS days when I first saw the movie and got interested in lifting, so I looked up my all time favorite bodybuilder named Bertil Fox. Apparently he is spending life in prison in St. Kitts. There is a 4 part documentary about him and what happened on youtube called, Death and the Bodybuilder. I haven't watched it yet, but thought you may find it interesting.
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