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  1. Craig,

    I was watching this video of what flo says is one of your kids:

    At about the :45 mark, your koos hits a misdirection/fake pull out to make the opponent sprwal for the go behind.

    My question, how do you teach that? if at all.

    I am not currently coaching, but do some jr high clinicks in IL, so I don't think we'll compete, but I do have a little one on the way and that was a sweet move. If you have the time, I'd love to know if that was a happy accident, or if you drill that somehow.

    Haven't been around in a long time, things have stabilized for me now, like to hear your input. don't break your neck, love your work.


  2. Not sure. Hope so. I'll only know once the Games begin.
  3. Do you think there will be one of those url's from FILA for all the Olympic matches? Or is it different because its run buy the IOC instead of fila?
  4. That video of PRK v. Kor over on the mat. I noticed that they were playing music over the wrestling, maybe not, but it sounded like that. I know they've been doing that at US Nationals and Jrs for the last few years.

    With your extensive knowledge of international wrestling, do they usually do that at other events, not US, or is this one specific to this event.

    Just to cover the bases, this is the first one I've watched from this tourney with sound. so I probably could figure it out. I don't think they did that at the last qualifier though.

  5. I should know this, was this the final Olympic Qualifier? or is there one or two more?
  6. I did notice that. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. If you notice, I have put all the links up on my profile page to make it easier for me to download but you can use it to simply click on the matches you want to view instead of typing in each # manually.
  8. You're the best. As always.
  9. Link's up. Matches are being added.
  10. When you do find that link, let me know. I've been rather spoiled lately, and I need my fix. Thanks for making that stuff available. Don't worry about the DVD, I thought I'd ask. Whenever you get around to having time. Thanks
  11. Not yet my man. Working on it. BTW I can send you DVDs. just don't have much time these days. It won't be a problem. Just no time now.
  12. Hey quick, did you ever figure out if Fila is posting the videos from this qualifier in a directory, like they usually do?


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