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  1. Hey Brother PM,
    Long time no hear my friend! I have been meaning since the NCAA's to send you a congratulations on your Hawks success. Even though I have rooted against (and wrestled against) Iowa, the short period when they were down really did not feel good, and the fact that they are back on top seem to put something in the universe back in its correct postion! Hope all is well with you. I saw your post on Bluestaters "I'm a Lady.." thread and was reminded that I wanted to see if you had read the new Ha Jin book A Free Life. It sounds great as it is about a writer, semi autobiographical perhaps. I am going to get it this weekend. Here is the link:
    Things are going fairly well here. I posted a thread on my son's first experience with weight cutting in the college forum here, it also explains why I haven't been posting as much. Only bad thing to report is that both of my shoulders are going to have to be replaced sometime in the next year, I recently found out. Ugggh. I knew I should have stuck to overhooks on Gibson and Jimmy Jackson! Again, good to see you back on the board here Brother, and I think of you and have you and your family in my best wishes and prayers always. Take good care.
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