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  1. he wouldnt do the dance, some guy even came up and tried to hook his leg to do it and he pulled away and laughed it off. it was funny as hell. he did some freestyling on the mic.
  2. When I was in 7th grade, everyone would do the kid and play dance... i'd love to see him break it down
  3. lol, hes a bit older now and no claudale hairdo. I actually hung out with him for quite a while, he's cool as hell. people were asking him all night to do some kid and play stuff. ha ha
  4. Yes I did! I barely recognized him!!! That is cool that you got to meet him. I still like the song "Aint gonna hurt nobody." LOL
  5. did you see the pic? I have no comp skills so I dont know how to post it.
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