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  1. Nicole!!
  2. Jacob!!
  3. Jan 23rd!
  4. When should we have one?
  5. Jacob! When's the next fiesta??
  6. Now you just need to order Ryan a singlet and you'll be a full on TWT'r... lol
  7. Hey...

    go to your UserCP and click customize profile in the menu on the left

    then, put this in the "background image" blank:

    That will give you a leopard pattern in the background.

    If you want to create your own, make an album with the album type: Profile - Pictures used to modify your profile style and you can start uploading... then go back into customize profile and click the button that looks like this to the right of the "background image" blank.

    I'm still working on making it simpler, so if you notice anything you would change point it out,

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