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  1. Well, that's kind of embarrassing - I didn't even realize that I posted on my own wall. I'll make myself feel better and chalk that one up to inexperience :-) I have built one website previously ( so I was just curious how user friendly the site builder was.

    Yeah, I didn't really like having my name as much when I was little - because it got pronounced wrong so much. I do appreciate a unique name a little more now that I am getting older. Also, glad to hear that my name helped build a small audience for my matches :-)
  2. Its no problem (just remember to reply to my wall instead of yours so I get an alert next time).

    You can pick out a basic design concept from the site I linked and it can be customized from there. If you aren't familiar with it and really want a unique design, contact Danielle Hobeika (username: DH). She does custom designs really well and cost effectively.

    Once it suits your taste the management of the site is actually very easy. All editing is done in what is called a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor, it looks similar to the text areas you type in here.

    I have no doubt that you will grasp it rather quickly.

    Funny story: I don't know how many fans you have just because of your first name, but I remember being out at fargo back when I grappled for Apple Valley and watched you every time I heard them call ya.. oh, and I guess you were pretty good, too..
  3. In terms of setting up a site, it really depends on what functionality you need. If it's going to be basically a text-based explanation of the data a solution like wordpress will work. There are tens of thousands of unique templates you can use to make the experience more unique for the user. You can check out: HSWrestling.Net, SaveASUWrestling.Com, and they all use wordpress but look considerably different from one another.

    Onto the hosting... its a dedicated server that I set aside for wrestling related projects so it has the resources to hold roughly 500 sites like yours. I don't charge because I simply ask for links back to and the other sites I mentioned above in exchange. It keeps money in your pocket and the sites all rock anyway

    Let me know if you need anything else.
  4. Hey Jacob. How difficult is it to put together a site on the host your were mentioning? Is it a pretty good host? I've used hostmonster before so I wanted to check with you. I think I'm going to start putting together the site this week. Thanks Jacob.
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