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  1. pt.2
    Other than that, I would add eating several small meals instead of one huge meal per day, reward yourself with something (of reasonable preportion) on the dont eat list as a once a week reward for practicing extra hard (as I know you do), for doing extra training after practice (try adding 100 of something (pull-ups, mountain climbers, sprawls, shadow shots, dummy throwing, etc) every day after practice is over. At the end of the week, you will have earned yourself a double scoop frozen yogurt or something. The year I won D2 Nationals, I would put 2 lite beers in the fridge Sunday night. I made a deal with myself that if I did 100 things extra every practice I would get one of those ice-cold beers after Friday's practice if we were home. I would get the other beer if no one took me down in practice the entire week. Man, those were some good beers, and I never missed one! Good luck Brother!
  2. Brother SuperHeavyweight,
    Sorry about your loss at the tourny Saturday. As far a cutting weight, a diet that is balanced with good, low fat protein (chicken breast, white fish, lean pork and beef, tofu,) plenty of veggies, small amount of carbs (don't go for a no-carb diet, as an athlete, you really need to have enough energy to work hard daily) and small amount of fat. Try to avoid sweets, fryed foods and (most important) try not to drink ANY calories except a glass or two of 1% milk each day (calcium and vitamin D very important for wrestlers). Avoid drinking regular sodas, gatorade/powerade (250 calories per bottle!) fruit juices (except low calorie cranberry juice) even vitamin water. Diet drinks, Propel for post match recovery and diet sweetened waters if you want are ok. You need plenty of fluid to train and to compete, but there is no reason why you must drink 150-350 calories at a shot which is what most of these sports drinks contain.
  3. whats a good diet I weigh 247.5 I what to get to 215 so I could have a better advantage
  4. The guy was trying to go on my chest but he was not. My coach was not mad because he was telling the ref look he shoulder not on the mat.My coach told me to lift my left arm up.Are school got 3 out of 10 but they gave us 9 but they #$% the points so they recounted and we got 3rd that good for a all frosh tournament
  5. I got pinned with one shoulder down I was on top of my right arm dam ref I wold have gone to flannels I got 5 out of 6
  6. no in Oceanside,CA
  7. El Camino High in Sacramento? I went to Sacramento H.S. Kevin Johnson (the NBA Hall of Famer and current mayor of Sacramento) was in my younger brother's class there and they played on the freshman football team together my senior year. We tried talking him into going out for wrestling, but he chose BB instead. Good choice, I guess!
    No, I don't have any tapes, when I wrestled there were not very many. If you want to see some good heavyweight tapes emphasizing my thoughts on heavyweight offense, check out these guys on You Tube or on ThewrestlingTalk tape archives: Dan Severin, Kirk Troust, Bruce Baumgardner, Dustin Fox, Tom Erickson. Good luck in your tournament.
  8. Saturday
  9. I'm going to a tournament tomorrow
  10. Do you have any videos I can see
  11. El Camino High school California GO WILDCATS
  12. By the way Brother Jesus, where do you wrestle?
  13. PT.2
    So my advice would be to stay away from straight shot doubles. Moves that I think have a good percentage of success for us big boys are moves that use tie-ups as a set up to single leg take downs. Things like underhook to one side, (while controlling the other wrist of course) driving with your head into opponents cheek or chin, lower level and pick up the single at about the knee to mid-thigh range with both hands. For heavys, this works best if we don't drop to our knees, instead trying to "snatch" the leg from a slight bend/squat. Other good heavweight moves that work the same principal are high crotch shot with the head on the outside, and snap-downs -either all the way down to the mat or into a front headlock. Both of the finishes for the snap downs allow you to get your opponent under your chest and stomach, making him vunerable to just what we were talking about in the beginning, being stuck under the weight of a big man! Good luck!
  14. PT. 1
    Hello Brother SuperHeavyWeightCamp,
    You asked about good moves for 250lb+ warriors. There are LOTS of good moves for big guys, too many to list of course. More importantly, IMO, are moves NOT to hit unless you have some of the natural power of a Baumgartner, Banach or Steven Neal. Unlike most big men, these three guys were all able to hit straight on, freight-train double leg takedown. Most big guys are just too heavy to shoot at straight on without getting caught under their sprawl.
  15. Do you know good move for a 250
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