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  1. ---------------------------------------------> IN CONCLUSION! <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I am fully committed to keeping my sugars low, my spirit high and eyes on the prize brother! (wanting to see my daughter graduate from college and my son wrestle in his 1st NCAA tourney 4 years from now, + grandchildren + growing old with my woman are additional reasons!!) Since the Ca. H.O.F. induction, I have thought more about these things and have been feeling much better and more optimistic. Your kindness and thoughtfullness has really added to the many blessings I have to be thankful and greatful for.

    Much Love Brother Russ and I am looking forward to pounding you in this years fantasy wrestling season.

    All the best to you and those who you care about,and those who care about you .
  2. ----------> Cont.
    My health issues that you were so kindly concerned with are diabetes and artheritis. I have been taking good care of my diabetes prety well again, after a 6 month or so period of moping around feeling sorry for myself.Got my Quarterly A1c levels (the average daily blood sugar level as measured through a more precise blood measure than the daily finger prick!) has been back down to 7 and then 6.7 in the last two measurements (Normal is below 7.5; During my "woe is me" period, I was up to 8.7; serious danger is sustaining 9.0 or higher for 2 consecutive readings). So it loo like I am back on track, but its a constamt battle.Since I fully intend to sit down with you at some real mans pub near a future NCAA Championship arena someday in the near future,
    ----------------------> Still too f'n long! Finished in the next mssg.<------------------------------
  3. BIA,
    Thanks for the check-in, it's much appreciated! I'm with you on the sudden (to me) and horrible death of good brother Shlotkke. Since I don't follow H.S. wrestling as closely as I should, I had no idea what a stud he was on the mat. I just knew him as one of the truely nice people on this site, and someone whom I figured I would sit down and have a beer or 10 with at the NCAA's someday. As you said, however, this life is so precious and we never know when someone we "intended to get to gether with someday" may run out of somedays sooner than anyone planned. Same with us my friend.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------> Message to long, continued on next post!
  4. My Brother ,
    I am so relieved to see you are posting again . I was really worried as the last few times we talked you had mentioned some health problems , Schlottke's death was a sobering thing and made me realize I need to stay in touch with my friends and stop taking this precious time on Earth for granted.
    Drop me a line sometime .
  5. BIA-
    If you need a conference champion at 165-look at Liberty's Chad Porter-he majored Yates tonight and has won the East Region every year.
  6. BIA-
    Well, we will get to see exactly what Bekzod has got swinging between his legs this week-Scotten and Yates. I think Bekzod cuts the nut . Good luck. Really, WHAT do you have to lose by wrestling Patrovich ? Swartz has NO matches and Hofstra has 4-good week to pick up a 20 piece from Pat-the man owes ya.
  7. BIA,
    Just looked at your line up and was wondering (since Swartz has no matches ) if you might not put Patrovich in and maybe he'll wrestle a couple and then his back up might get you a fft. ?? Just a suggestion.
  8. BIA-
    Word has it that Patrovich blew his knee out at the Scuffle .I wrote Shifflet but he did not reply -Guess you'll find out the hard way soon enough. I picked up #12 Swartz from Boise @ 174 just in case this happened .lso picked up Lester157-Oklahoma-who's back up-Nelson -beat John for the midlands title .
    IF Pat is out I can send you Swartz and Lester for John and Rasing . Matt Lester beat White 1-0 and you would have the rights to both Lester and Nelson and the #12 174 in the country. If Pat is OK-which I doubt as SHP said it was BAD-every thing is fine.
    Other wise I can shoot you those 2 . Swartz has wins over Blanton ,Patrovich ,a 1-3 loss to Covington , 0-2 to AMU and 2-3 to Bennet and he is only a freshman !!
    Hopefully Pat is ok but I picked Swartz up in a trade just in case.
  9. BIA,
    Just got word From Seton Hall Pirate (the guy who is running the SS blog)-that Patrovich's injury may put him out for year.
    I'll check with Shifflet for Confirmation.
  10. BIA-here is the rest of Navy's schefule1/7Okie 1/15 lehigh 1/22 Maryland, 1/28 N car. 1/29 Rutgers 2/5 All-academy,2/19 Army 3/5 EIWA.-

    Great job on that trade !! You are the man to beat in the tournament -Good luck .
  11. BIA-gimp software says DC is registered and wrestling at the scuffle -the below is from the entry form . Means he has paid his money to wrestle . well ,wont let me send it-Gimp Software-go to scuffle and Caldwell is entered .
  12. BIA,
    You get a +5 s Reno is a scored tournemant and I believe Rebertus took 2nd . So add +5 to Rebertus' score .
  13. MOJO-
    Would you do me a solid and let me know who you are taking first in the supp? That way I can decide which way to go .Thanks .
  14. BIA-
    You want to trade Rebertus back to me for Drouin ? He is excess baggage since you now have HCUTT .
    I am trying to prepare for the supp and Drouin may be the odd man out and he is pretty darn good to be that -he would back up Von Ohlen well.
  15. BIA,
    KK placed 3rd at CK so you might have 3 more points -too lazy to look them up for you but sure Jensens will...
  16. BIA ,
    I posted the Trade under Trades as I made 2 -ours and TLV wanted Accordino -so if you would confirm at your leisure .
  17. BIA-
    I can send you #12 184 Luke Rebertus for KK-Rebertus wrestles at CK, Franklin and Marshall and Reno and the scuffle in December .
  18. BIA-
    Your in box is full so I hope this goes through -I'll try and get another 174 if Glasser is hurt , if not, we'll make the deal-KK is cutting way too much !!
  19. BIA,
    Get with me brother . Your team may be in trouble -Darrington wrestled 184 and lost to Cabbage -REALLY-twice yesterday .
    So now you have no 174 and no 141 -holler at me and we'll see if we can work something out .
    Also,Polz was drilled as was Jones .
  20. BIA,
    Received response from Air Force coach and says Cole will be 100% and looking forward to him leading the nation in falls again . (he had 12 at 141 last year ) So if you want to make that trade with Dart all is well.
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