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  1. I understand your firemans carry, I find it to be very effective, but on the other hand... only if your able to really penetrate it really well you know... if it fails, your on both your knees, which I find a bit risky.

    Thanks for the reply by the way!
  2. Thanks, yes Ive noticed that cutting the corner is really important. I used to change off to double from behind, or just just running the pipe... but as Im wrestling heavier now, I ussualy just try to get the leg high under my armpit and go for the basic treetop or headpull... because trying to finish with a double or dumping often just made me stuck under the guy... maybe if I was stronger or faster, I would be able to finish with those, because I would penetrate better, or be stronger at finishing it... but ussualy the guy is just able to hold balance for a longer time, and then pushes off, or Im not able to get close enough in the first place... trying to get the leg up high just feels more high %, what d
    I know that I dont wanna get trapped, so ussualy when I go for a high single... I dont go to my knees.
  3. (pt.2) sorry, my response was too long for one message!

    If he was too balanced to go down quickly, I usually would try and go upstairs with a body lock and throw or trip as the situation best called for.
    Hope that makes sense. I would also add that if I were going to go for a single leg, it would be more of a snatch single, with head inside and lots of side motion. I never want to get trapped under a big guy with just a leg to hang onto. Makes my shoulders hurt just thinking about it! Good luck brother!
  4. Brother Kiddo,
    My favorite move in H.S. and college was a firemans carry, rare I know, for a heavyweight, but was a nice bridge between shots (which I didn't like for many of the same reasons you raised) and throwing (which as a greco man, I loved). When the firemans didn't work, it was usually because my opponent would pull his arm free due to sweat and/or a poor grip on my part. My go to counter to this was to change the firemans carry into a high crotch. I already had good penetration, my head was already outside the hip, and since I hit my firemans carry on both knees, it was easy enough to bring up the outside leg, pivot on the inside knee with LOTS of head pressure and complete the high crotch. The fact that my opponent was usually applying lots of hip pressure as he was pulling his arm free made it easy to use his momentum against him for an easy two.
  5. Hi, could I ask for a little explanation concerning takedowns? Ive kinda figured that I dont want to drop to my knees or really shoot in for doubles. However Im not really sure about this...

    While a high crotch is really hard to get, atleast it will score takedown... single on the other hand, will often get wizzered and crossfaced... when I was lighter, I was able to finish the scramble on knees... but if I get stuck under a wizzer and crossface from a heavyweight... I just switch to an underhook, circle and standup, Im not really able to finish the shot.

    One is hard to get, other hard to finish. Which would you say, is more effective for heavyweights that arent as fast and quick on their feet as the really good ones, just normal heavyweights? I mean like... if you were to shoot for one, which would you choose? (you probably wouldnt shoot, but if you had to choose ).
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