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  1. Got it! Thanks for checking it out Brother Commish. Now, watch, if I trade him or drop him in the supplementary, he will wind up beating Molinaro in the NCAA finals! Livin dangerously!
  2. Russ made your last pick for you and took Anthony Salupo, I guess I just forgot to add him to your roster.
  3. Hey Brother Commmish,
    1st, thanks for letting good brother Russ pick my draft for me. That was one f'n horrible week. Auto wreck, 10 hour drive to see my daughter in college ,, Her college locked down because of 50+ wild animals loose within 3 miles of her dorm (we were on that hiway 48 hrs before!). Anyway, I see that I only have 14 guys on my team. Should I have 15. Can I just pick someone who isnt spoken for yet or is there a more official way? Again, Much thanks to you and Russ,
  4. Yo Mojo, don't know if you saw the pm but if you could check in and let me know whether or not you're keeping one of your 3 eligible champs this year I'd appreciate it.

    Sooner I know, sooner you guys will have a draft order and can start strategizing.
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