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    Brother MOJO-All seems meaningless compared to a sick kid -puts everything in presective -I had that trade worked out where I would have Traded clark for Sentes and Terry for Ruschell-instead of Brown and terry I would have had Sentes and Ruschell and placed 3rd rather than 4th .
    My comp died an early deathj -4 months -and Best buy refused to live up to their warranty so I had to ship the thing to Texas and pay for the S&H and who knows when I'll get it back ? So i took part of next months rent and bought this one -my landlord can KMA-This being disabled sucks in so many ways -dying from boredom -broke all the time -I am realy depressed -last time I went to my shrink he offered me a bible and a handful of knokout scripts -I can quote scripture and I do NOT ant to sleep 18 hours a day -I am disabled -not dead .
    I hope your son is well soon . Russ
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    Brother MOJO-I have never been this angry -I put Metcalf up for trade and took the better offer -Drouin ,Terry and Gillespie for Mcalf and Hall-then later -to use as my flex -I traded Chris Brown #10 for Tyler Clark #8-but Zapp said we could not trade back ups . He is just upset that he didn't getMetcalf -he should have made a better offer than Lance Palmer and John Reader . We have traded back ups all year save now . Are you guys allowed to trade back ups ?
    I apologize for this message it is just so hard to HAVE no alternatives save accept this ruling -which is 100% wrong -I'll get over it .Thanks for 'listening' .Russ
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    Brother MOJO-
    I did surprisingly well with 281 points -7 1sts ,2 2nds and 2 3rds .
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    Brother \MOJO-
    I thought you were a shoo-in after Caponi surprised me and won the ACC-Snderson -living in his brother's shadow and KNOWING he cannot beat Burroughs w/out a club is through psychologically .
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    Brother MOJO-I truly lament your situation -if we could do inter-league trading I could send you Honeycutt -I had 6 redshirts and one guy Cocccazozo from Edinboro quit before one match -I have traded and analyzed matches until I can tell you the fourth seed in the CAA at 165 -but I am now in 3rd -I would trade a #5 for a #15 that had a quad that weekend and so on -now my team should be weak but I feel fairly positive -I have 2-3 poss. champs -Poeta ,Herbst ,Nickerson and Baker or Kennedy at 33 -somehow I have the #1 seed @ 10 weights for conferences -I nearly quit when Graf redshirted -the kid could AA this year . my worst wrestler is #14 Barnes and he' s 32 -4-but 49 belongs to one man .I have made twice as many trades as LoSt .
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    Brother MOJO-how does Caponi go from 39-4 to 12-5 in a year ? I have read nothing of injuries -at least nothing to explain such a turn around -is he having trouble with the weight ? his workout partners are great -Henrich is on my fantasy and is 34-1 and BIG RED-Jones -is 25-5-have you heard anything ?
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    BROTHER MOJO-is King at 100%-he lost for the second time to the Hofstra kid who doesn't really impress me that much -and he has his hands full this week with Headlee and Jones -Donnie has been wrestling great the last coupla weeks -I LOVE this time of year -high school state finals -college conferences where one match sits your butt down for a year -EXCITING .
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    Brother MOJO-the reason I ask is I was watching via the Oregon State feed -the match and Z just treated Gonzales like a little boy -9-0 but it could have been 90 had he wanted -he had Gonzo in the air nearly military pressing him . The OSU feed is excellent and FREE -no one has abused Gonzo like that . Kimbrell could wrestle 33 in the big 10-or is it Dillashaw -old age is creeping in ...
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    Brother MOJO-any special reason you took Orozco instead of Zoetaway ? Z has been kicking A out west .
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    MOJO-Jarequi wrestled 4 matches and won all 4 -scoring me 18 points in the process -so I immediately traded him as his stock rose . Was he a pure freestyler at some point ? Because he's great off his feet and not much else .Traded him for Barnes and his 4 matches this weekend -should have just went with Barnes all year -he is 26-4 -with 7 techs , 8 majors and 6 pins . Metcalf is going to win it so I should have went with this point scoring machine -just ones he gets on his belly it is OV-P-tax teched him and ALL his loses are from getting turned on bottom . I was tied for 10th now 7th and ridind a rocket with 23 matches this week .
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    BROTHER MOJO-I am shocked to announce that a certain David Jarequi pinned 20th ranked Cheeza from MSU in the first period -I nearly had a stroke when I saw that result .
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    1987 ?-I was coaching wrestling in your neck of the woods then-Fontana , Ca.. Sequoia jr.high-
    Did you wrestle at Assembly Hall or did they make you wrestle in that funky fieldhouse -Coach Knight wasn't a big fan of letting people into Assembly Hall-Bruce might never have been an Olympic champ-five years later as ISU's program was forced out right after he left .
    Brother MOJO-I am truly worried about our sport -the future is BLEAK-look at CSB's roster -looks like a refugee camp for dead programs and Boise State is little more than an all-star team of everyone west of the Rockies .

    Just for fun go to youtube and watch Travis Rutt wrestle Greco-Remind you of anyone ?
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    Just posted my line up and put poop-head in at 149-he beat Chinn-majored the Illinois kid but will lose both matches just because he's in my line up-he is wrestling MSU and Duquesne but will find a way to lose .I'm tempted to fft .
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    I FEEL your pain , my brother -I,luckily , couldn't even give him away and now he may save me as he has 3 matches in a week where Ruschell has 1-Metcalf -So I'll give the man another chance -I am a firm believer in second chances -strange how our paths never crossed at some freestyle tournament or another -probably because I 2 and outed alot . But i hung around and watched Zup wrestle -all his matches were 2-1, 1-0-that or he stuck the guy in 30 seconds -I hit Tom with an arm drag once and took him down and boy -he made me PAY for one lucky ass takedown . I've climbed from 13th to 10th to 7th to next week I'll be within 10 points of the top 6 -Kinser and Trotman missing 10-11 matches hurt but I put myself in position to make a run -but I am running on fumes .
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    MOJO-just saw the Lehigh/West Va. score -35-3 -the only win ? Jarequi over Chinn in 2ot-Man got me ZERO points all year .
  16. whats a good diet I weigh 247.5 I what to get to 215 so I could have a better advantage
  17. The guy was trying to go on my chest but he was not. My coach was not mad because he was telling the ref look he shoulder not on the mat.My coach told me to lift my left arm up.Are school got 3 out of 10 but they gave us 9 but they #$% the points so they recounted and we got 3rd that good for a all frosh tournament
  18. I got pinned with one shoulder down I was on top of my right arm dam ref I wold have gone to flannels I got 5 out of 6
  19. no in Oceanside,CA
  20. Saturday
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Former wrestler, coach and now wrestling Dad
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Philadelphia, PA
Wrestling, Judo, Art, Fine food & wine
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SF.State & UPenn
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3.90 GPA Graduate Program (MS)
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1st Jr. World Nat. Greco, 2nd Freestyle (1981); 3rd Jr. World Greco World Championships (81 Vancouver); 5X 3rd USA Open Greco. 1x3rd USA Open FS.; 1st 1986 Pan Am FS;2x US Olympic Alt. Greco (2nd 84 & 3rd 88); 1984 NorCal Collegiate Wrestler of the Year; US Tblisi Team (87); Nat.Sombo Champion; 2nd in World Sombo Championships (90 Moscow); 1st Univ. Champ.Greco (81); World University Games Team (81 Romania); 2x Reg. Olympic Trials champion. US teams to Cuba, Turkey, Bulgaria,E.Germany. Pa.State Masters Judo Champion (2004); Awarded Black Belt in Judo (2005).


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