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  1. gjfovf is pretty much right man, but if you do want to cut down to 112 and you do have some body fat, its really easy.
    Start with a healthy diet, you can eat good foods that you don't have to eat a lot of and still get all the protien and energy out of the foods you need to.
    The season is still pretty far away so you might just want to just eat right and train hard.
    Remember weightlifting boosts metabolism, so keep lifting!
    Good luck!

    - Brad
  2. hi i have a question this is my frist year wrestling and i know my whole wrestling team but my question is im 5'8'' 120pounds and i need to drop to 112 to wrestling varsity im a shopmore and thats what my whole team told me to do im also in a wrestling club and the coach wants me to drop to 112 aswell for the tourtements. whats the best way to do this?and should i cut the weight or stay at my weight or go up please help thanks
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