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  1. yeah no prob
  2. oh ok. I thought that's what you were saying was you got to eat like 6 good meals like actual food that doesn't go in a wrapper. I will probably start to do what you are doing soon. Just need the power bars and what not. Thanks man
  3. yeah,about the eating 6 eals a day ill eat my breakfast,but its not like a huge,hardy breakfast,its about 300-350 calories of only healthy food...then about 2-3 hours later,eat something like a few Kashi bars and some almonds with like Propel or water,or just eat a power bar,becuaes those provide you with enough calories,then just drink about half a bottle of water with that...then ill have my lunch,again,with a smaller amount of calories,about 250-330 calories..then 2-3 hours later,ill eat maybe a few more Kashi bars and almonds,or get another powerbar,etc......then ill eat my dinner after wrestling pracitce,and once again,itll be like my breakfast and lunch,with about 250-320 calories..just remember when you eat the mid morning/mid evening snacks,you only consume about 200 or less calories, so its not liek an actual meal.
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