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  1. haha,
    no problem
  2. thx alot.. just recovery, no bulking up.. no juice for me.. Lol..
  3. syntha-6 is really good too.
    but as i said, BCAA's and tech products.
    you can always try anabolic steroids, they work well, haha
    Surge is amazing too.
  4. just recovery in general? Or like for bulking?
    I swear by L-glutamine
    A supplement with cartinine, lysine, glutamine, creatine and other aminos is always good
    But if you're looking for like a bulky recovery, cell-tech is amazing and so is nitro-tech
    which is a slightly weaker and cheaper version of cell-tech.
  5. any post w/out recovery drink suggestions?
  6. I have, but I don't really have access to them
  7. you ever train w/ kettlebells?
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