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  1. That is very kind of you and of Maverick. Losing Cyrano hurt - but my wife and I console ourselves with the thought that the last 4 years of his life were really good ones for him. Roxanne has been suffering, too. She has just started eating again.
    I suspect that in 6 months or a year we will rescue another greyhound - or maybe a pair. Cyrano can never be replaced - but there is an empty spot in the house that can be filled with a new love.
    That is quite a boy you have there in Maverick. I enjoy his posts tremendously, and am continually impressed with the quality of his wrestling. He also seems to "have his head on straight" - a testament to both of you. Please encourage him to continue posting. I look forward to them.
    Mike Richardson
  2. Hello Mr. Richardson, I am Maverick's Dad. Maverick asked me to write you telling you that we are both very sorry to hear that Cyrano is no longer with us. Maverick lost a hero of his when Jacob Schlottke passed away in August and has avoided the forums lately. When we returned he noticed that Cyrano is gone also and was saddened for your loss. We hope things go well for you and your family during your time of healing and recovery.
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