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    Hey M my understanding of Hacking is just my college days at one of the most technology schools in the country despite being an art major! Ha. I try to keep up with it but obviously there a bunch of other folks who know a lot more than I but I try!
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    Hello Mr. Richardson, I am Maverick's Dad. Maverick asked me to write you telling you that we are both very sorry to hear that Cyrano is no longer with us. Maverick lost a hero of his when Jacob Schlottke passed away in August and has avoided the forums lately. When we returned he noticed that Cyrano is gone also and was saddened for your loss. We hope things go well for you and your family during your time of healing and recovery.
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    the NK MIG's were mostly flown by soviet trained Chinese -not NK's -and am talking about jets -not regular aircraft -my source is stupid but accurate -the movie TOP GUN-I checked the stats for the kill ratio and although we were slightly ahead it was nowhere near the 12:1 ratio of WW2-MIG alley was a bitch -Soviets ,Chinese and NK and we had to wait for permission before firing because of the rules of engagement-we would not want to look bad in front of the world court for shoting down a frigging Russian or chinese MIG-although they sure as hell shot at us .
    If your source can inform me of some sites for the Korean conflict I'd appreciate it very much -of all the research I've done -the Police action against Korea is the hardest to find firm documentation on -in the words of John Prine -'we lost Davey in the Korean war -still don't know what for '-I still see no reason for our involvement in Korea -'Nam had to be about controlling Opium-the French connection and all that.
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    Okay, I subscribe to:

    Naval History Magazine
    Military History Mag.
    Vietnam Mag.
    WWII History Mag.
    Aviation History
    Flight Journal
    Air Force Magazine (via my AFA membership)

    and some others off and on.....

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    Found something interesting on youtube-Rehab -Bartenders song -check it out and see if you recognize anything.Unedited version.
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    i truly am as about anti-social as it gets but you sound like a man worth meeting and it has been a pleasure reading your posts on the board -you anywhere near Chula Vista ? Had an old girlfriend there many moons ago -also the home of TOM WAITS-i love San Diego-thinking about not paying the rent for a coupla months and going on a road trip.I would never have thought to do such a thing til I was imprisoned -then you learn all kinds of tricks .
    I was rejected for the 7th time in 2 weeks on my job quest so I am getting a little down and maybe a change wil do me good -the friends I had in Phoenix all got busted in that huge arms raid a few years back-don't know where to get a mini Uzi now. Those guys weren't that bad , they were all ex military and were preparing for for the NWO's final push .
    how do you do your job and not become a racist . I was a liberal pussy til I went to prison -now I am an anarchist -my judge was black, my house arrest officer was black and the HAO was the one who sent me away for nothing -then I get to prison and all i hear is this sure is a white man's world -the guys who through me down a flight of stairs after jumping me were black and i think i still have a bounty on my head for shanking a vicelord .If I disappear for awhile I haven't offed myself -just went sight seeing . You truly are a remarkable man.
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    You're welcome. You made us laugh out loud about the Supremes.
    I might have to add a dig to the pizza thread.
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    just checking to see if you had died from boredom yet -ot back from a 5 mile walk -something I thought never possible again -in this lifetime anyway-drop me a line at r.payton if you need an ear .or eye ,as the case may be .
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    Everything seems to have worked.
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    I think that was the best tact with the VC. With these guys it is a little different.... maybe more like the Japanese were in WWII. You might get a few to talk, but you have to spot them before you go to the hard stuff. I also suspect that this is the process being done. I would hope these guys - who are the best that we have in this sort of thing - know their business.
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    PS - I hope you get this, the whole sending messages thing is usually over my head on this board. ;-)
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    They moved the topic so it is going to get all messed up.

    I agree with what you said. But I did qualify my theory in that I said if you "knew for sure (or something to that effect)" that you would get the information. Just torturing people hoping to get something.... heck a fair amount of people will tell you anything you want them to just so you will stop.
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    Hey hope all is well...I am trying to deal with a million of keeping busy.

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    As a Youth Correctional Counselor you have probably seen how some of my life has been -I thank you for the interest and support you have shown me , and especially the kindness . I ofte tell people I am no better or worse than they are but I am definitely different .
    My mom was a Paranoid schizo-and I never met my father -we grew up in a section of Indianapolis called MARS HILL-poor white trash heaven -I bounced around in child protective for awhile until my grandmother rescued me -i can discuss philosophy with you while stabbing a gang banger at the same time -somehow I got an academic ride to IU and actually taught for awhile -I kinda snapped when I was affirmative actioned out of a teaching job,then cracked my C5 then my grandma died -and I decided God had had enough fun with me and tried to check out somehow i lived -I wil always survive ,but I often wonder why or how -I swear to you all I've written is true -you should be able to find out more about fred Sanders -he was famous for along time around here -
    i've had to do things which I am not proud of -had to stab a vicelord or become his bitch -he is lucky the spoon broke on a rib -or maybeI was lucky -you see alot of despair in your line of work -how do you leave it at the office ?
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    You got me on that one?!? I spew out so many pearls of wisdom that I can't keep track of them all.

    BTW, I'll be out all day, but will be available to read and respond to corresponence tonight.
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    M -- Yes, we had horrible storms last night. We had golf-ball sized hail, heavy rain, and very strong winds. It was kind of scary as there were tornado watches all over Iowa and (of course) several very large tornadoes on the ground killing people.
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    Thanks -for everything -I don't sleep much but thanks for the offer . if I survive this and can control my pain I am heading back to Phoenix-last time I lived there Sunkist haqd a tournament every 6 hours or so -kidding-I don't know where I'd go to see any decent wrestling -I coached wrestling in Jr.High @Fontana-Sequoia Jr. high -we were tough as nails but football was #1 there .

    Thanks again , for everything .
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    My ego doesnt require me to be correct all the time.

    I got frustrated over the ASU and overall Title IX. I let that frustration out on Blue after she defended Title IX. (not to mention that cro-mag comment) I should have been more careful.

    We need all the female defenders of college wrestling we can get.

    Thanks for the message.
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    My comment on your "Caspiantiger" horse's ass post was accidentally sent before I finished it. What I meant to say was: "Always clever and entertaining." We old codgers have to hold up our end of the forum, and you're a major asset.
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    Hey man do you have a mastiff Bull or otherwise? I do a brindle bullmastiff and I am looking to get another.
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