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  1. Mike-
    the NK MIG's were mostly flown by soviet trained Chinese -not NK's -and am talking about jets -not regular aircraft -my source is stupid but accurate -the movie TOP GUN-I checked the stats for the kill ratio and although we were slightly ahead it was nowhere near the 12:1 ratio of WW2-MIG alley was a bitch -Soviets ,Chinese and NK and we had to wait for permission before firing because of the rules of engagement-we would not want to look bad in front of the world court for shoting down a frigging Russian or chinese MIG-although they sure as hell shot at us .
    If your source can inform me of some sites for the Korean conflict I'd appreciate it very much -of all the research I've done -the Police action against Korea is the hardest to find firm documentation on -in the words of John Prine -'we lost Davey in the Korean war -still don't know what for '-I still see no reason for our involvement in Korea -'Nam had to be about controlling Opium-the French connection and all that.
  2. Found something interesting on youtube-Rehab -Bartenders song -check it out and see if you recognize anything.Unedited version.
  3. Russ - I am not ignoring you - but I would prefer to reply confidentially. When I can figure out how to send a private message, I will. In the meantime, thanks for the compliments!
  4. i truly am as about anti-social as it gets but you sound like a man worth meeting and it has been a pleasure reading your posts on the board -you anywhere near Chula Vista ? Had an old girlfriend there many moons ago -also the home of TOM WAITS-i love San Diego-thinking about not paying the rent for a coupla months and going on a road trip.I would never have thought to do such a thing til I was imprisoned -then you learn all kinds of tricks .
    I was rejected for the 7th time in 2 weeks on my job quest so I am getting a little down and maybe a change wil do me good -the friends I had in Phoenix all got busted in that huge arms raid a few years back-don't know where to get a mini Uzi now. Those guys weren't that bad , they were all ex military and were preparing for for the NWO's final push .
    how do you do your job and not become a racist . I was a liberal pussy til I went to prison -now I am an anarchist -my judge was black, my house arrest officer was black and the HAO was the one who sent me away for nothing -then I get to prison and all i hear is this sure is a white man's world -the guys who through me down a flight of stairs after jumping me were black and i think i still have a bounty on my head for shanking a vicelord .If I disappear for awhile I haven't offed myself -just went sight seeing . You truly are a remarkable man.
  5. just checking to see if you had died from boredom yet -ot back from a 5 mile walk -something I thought never possible again -in this lifetime anyway-drop me a line at r.payton if you need an ear .or eye ,as the case may be .
  6. As a Youth Correctional Counselor you have probably seen how some of my life has been -I thank you for the interest and support you have shown me , and especially the kindness . I ofte tell people I am no better or worse than they are but I am definitely different .
    My mom was a Paranoid schizo-and I never met my father -we grew up in a section of Indianapolis called MARS HILL-poor white trash heaven -I bounced around in child protective for awhile until my grandmother rescued me -i can discuss philosophy with you while stabbing a gang banger at the same time -somehow I got an academic ride to IU and actually taught for awhile -I kinda snapped when I was affirmative actioned out of a teaching job,then cracked my C5 then my grandma died -and I decided God had had enough fun with me and tried to check out somehow i lived -I wil always survive ,but I often wonder why or how -I swear to you all I've written is true -you should be able to find out more about fred Sanders -he was famous for along time around here -
    i've had to do things which I am not proud of -had to stab a vicelord or become his bitch -he is lucky the spoon broke on a rib -or maybeI was lucky -you see alot of despair in your line of work -how do you leave it at the office ?
  7. Hang in. I know it is tough, but hang in. If you are headed for Phoenix, give Scott Gallen and Coach Applegate a heads-up. I know that they know the area, and both are good people. Sincerely, if all you need is a shoulder to cry on, let me know. I am good at listening.
  8. Thanks -for everything -I don't sleep much but thanks for the offer . if I survive this and can control my pain I am heading back to Phoenix-last time I lived there Sunkist haqd a tournament every 6 hours or so -kidding-I don't know where I'd go to see any decent wrestling -I coached wrestling in Jr.High @Fontana-Sequoia Jr. high -we were tough as nails but football was #1 there .

    Thanks again , for everything .
  9. I sincerely meant my offer of what ever help I can give. Let me know if there is anything I can do. If nothing else, I can offer a sleeping bag on the floor while you discover why Southern California is truely the perfect place to live.
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