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  1. oh.... I'll definitely think about it, but my gut feeling is probably not. I already picked up Pataky, and Todd seems to be dealing with his injury better then Escobedo is. Plus 197 is wayyy weaker in the b10s.

    I'd take D-hoe for sure if you'd be willing to part with him
  2. It's a trade said you were looking for a 25 pounder?
  3. he blew his knee out at Vegas I forget what tendon, he seems to have adapted pretty well though to wearing his brace. He's pinned like 5 of his last 7 opponents and majored another guy.

    Every time I watch him wrestle though I cringe when a guy gets in on that leg. I still think he'll place this year.

    Esco obviously is struggling, I dont think he'll win a title, but he should place as well.
  4. Bad shoulder Esco for bad wheel Todd?
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