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  1. it matters for his seeding for confrences and his seeding for NCAAs if he qualifies, but the only way to qualify is placing at confrences
  2. thanks that does clear it up a if a guy does good in like the cliff keen or midlands or reno tournaments those dont matter...i kinda thought those were qualifiers
  3. Yeah I'd be happy to. Basically like any other sport wrestling has conferences and qualification to nationals is based off of those. After the end of the regular season there is a confrence tourney for each confrence (typically in early march) which is basically a qualifying tourney for nationals.

    Because there is such a disparity in strength between the various conferences and in the number of teams per conference, some get more qualifiers then others. The big ten for example is regarded as one of the strongest conferences (along with the B12) and qualifies the top 7 placers at each weight as well as a handful of "wildcards" which are 8th place guys that are voted on by the coaches.

    A confrence like the ACC however only qualifies the top 2 guys typically.
    The number of slots allocated to each confrence changes each year based on a forumla thats a little complicated to explain.

    Thats a basic overview anyway, hope that helps
  4. im a avid wrestling fan who has never wrestled a matchin my life. i wandered into a gym about 25 years ago and watched a high school match and was curious as to how one qualifies for the national tournament in d 1.....could you help me out
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