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    I won't be short a guy , I'll just be riding with Barnes as ny 149-wasn't going to use Brown that much anyway -Barnes ' matches he has remaining he has teched or majored all of them . plus Barnes wrestles 4 times this weekend against those guys -then a dual with CSB and he teched that guy then he wrestles Chamberlain whom he majored then the Pac 10's -I now have Hall and Poeta at 57 I also got Marone back , that hwt from VATech -he;s 222 lbs and a wrestler and has 14 matches left plus I have wise -who should be top 3 in the big 10-with Dudziak disappearance act that moves Marone to #2 behind Dobies .Anfd Marone has been in every match -he was majored once by Monterio but lost to Lane 3-1 SV-Dudziak 4-2 Dobies 3-2 he's a hell of a wrestler -just needs about 20 lbs . But he is 21-8 with 4 losses to Porter , whom he doesn't see again . Barnes at 149 either techs people or gets teched and I think he is underrated at 24-4 .
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    I can get Poeta for Saf and Brown -thoughts ?
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    That is my point -you keep saying you want to lose Andre -and I'm telling you I had to trade down and package him , but I feel better and my roster is better -I was just trying to help you lose that Albatross-the IU site now lists him as possible lineup with Kelly and Kelly was 12 15 last year .They still list Kinser as possible and he's been healthy and costing me points for 6 weeks .As far as me barely making the top 4 -if Trotman wqould have shown at the scuffle or lonestar duals and Kinser at the midlands and the quad I'd be there by now -but Zapp locked our lineups for those 2 weeks . So all I could do was watch helplessly as I ffted 2 weights .And we do not get our back ups points .
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    Yeah , I know -but Byers has 3 matches this week . I'll do the trade next week. You ought to see about getting Barone from Dart for Mliler and hernandez -have him throw in another warm body .
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    If I lose Brown I have to go with Barnes the rest of the year and I am not sure if he'll keep beating Chamberlain and I need those bonus points -Brown should walk through the MAC and I'd have to trade Brown and Byers to get Herbst . I'd get Herbst and Polkoske -that freshman from out west -Northern Colorado ? Byers should win his conference also-see ,I am still fighting to make the top 4 and every point is precious . 141 in the big 10 is a bitch as is 33-I have Sentes ,Ness,Cleveland and Accordino,Brown and Barnes ,Hall and Saf ,Stewart and Smithbergstrum ,Henrich ,Patterson ,Byers and Wise with Garnett as my flex . I'm trying to upgrade at 65 but Zapp wants Patterson for M*-and I am not doing that .
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    I'm thinking of packaging Garnett and Byers for Sanders and Herbst -whattas ya think ? Or Steve Brown for Kellen Russell.
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    offer him Miler for grey and oplinger -then turn around and trade oplinger and Grey .
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    go after someone else -I noticed he said Grey and Molinaro-fuck that -he is in NO position to dictate terms -make him a fair offer -he NEEDS a 174 you don't need SHIT-make him think you are helping him out -don't come on too strong but don't take any shit , either -you are taking a dead man off his hands -literally -is the kid from Navy going to wrestle again ? NO -what else doers he have offer him Miller and Hernandez for his back up 197 HE is in no position to say no.
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    he has no choice rebertus is shot -he needs a 174 -you have Jordan and williams will be a great pick up-hell, Molinaro and grey would be better than Hernandez. I likes to trade .
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    LoSt-package Hernandez to Dart Shark with Miller for Grey and Williams .
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    Are you REALLY talking shit about me on people's visitor walls?
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    What do you mean you guys ? i have instigated every trade on this board -and i'm not through -because I is a trading fool-traded away 4 guys in 2 days -and I am just getting warmed up-but my team is looking decent 2 good 25 lbers -Sentes and Garnett , Ness Cleveland, Accordino,Brown ,Barnes ,Hall,Saf,Stewart,Smith bergstrum ,Henrich,Patterson,Byers ,and Wise .
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    LoSt-I have 27 matches this week, 27 next week,18,22 and then I haven't got that far -I moved up 2 spots and am within 40 of the finals they have 13 matches each next week .I should be ok -then I am through -If JensenS will have me fine, but no more of this crap-I had no drafts and through trades i have made up over 100 points -plus I am going to have 8-10 conference champions , if not more . But this is too much luck and not enough skill-too many times have I had a wrestler in a quad only wretle twice after pinning his first 2 guys -Wrestling is a sport not meant for Fantasy -if the Mob started gambling on it and posting injury lineups and stuff we'd see a huge resurgence in the sport -but at what cost ?
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    I had all these hopes of having a big week and had 2 fft's and one ''snow-out'' so I ended up with 91 points -that's not bad considering Massey and Ruschell didn't wrestle -and 2 0f my reserves scored 14 points each .
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    Dos Andre Hernandez suck or does he suck ? I don't even feel bad about trading Kinser even though he's one of my favorite people in the world -just had to cut the IU negativity out -Kinser has been ready to wrestle since well before the midlands -today takes Kurt to 12-2 with 4 falls -he should be around 25 -3.
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    i'd give anything to see that Budi/Patterson match-I'm willing to bet it was a BS touch fall or roll through-that's where the penalty point came from ,IMO.
    I called Zapp on it and he said it was obvious he was carrying over scores -I said- No. the only person not to post quit 5 weeks ago-and everyone else posts -he said it was his league and he could do what he wanted -I scored 60 points today -excluding 2 fft,s and have 9 more matches tomorrow .
    I posted this but Rader is definitely out for the season and Baker is back.
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    We are not supposed to have the carry over -you MUST post every week -no carry overs -my point is I don't know if Zapp is going to score his line ups -we haven't seen scores for 3 weeks -our rules are different over here -the no points for fft.s , etc., but that rule has been enforced from day one -if he stops now that would kinda suck for the rest of us -we don't get sub points like you guys do-if Kinser is out I don'tr get Coughlin's points -the guy obvioously knows the rule as he posted every week until he just quit posting -I dunno -if you break one rule ..I mean I'd be happy if they would give me my fft and med def. points -NO-one guy put a guy at 149 and the dude wrestled 57 and won the MSU open and he got 0 points -Kinser . guess who didn't get his points ?
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    YUP-we are supposed to POST every Sunday -he hasn't posted for 2 weeks -he won't make the playoffs w/out those 2 weeks tho'-he will drop from 3rd to about 10th w/out those 2 weeks . As unlucky as I am he is that lucky -one weeek he had 3 wrestlers wrestling in Reno -2 finalists at 65 and winner at hwt . a little over 100 points from 3 guys -that is the same time my 174 and 157 disappeared -Trotman and Kinser . I finished second that week but that guy had those 3
    Zapp has not posted scores for weeks -at week 7 I was 40 points from playoffs -now i am 55 -but excluding this guys 2 weeks I am now in the playoffs .
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    Wake up-Sober up-I have a problem /question and everyone over here is dead or something -we got a guy I'm trying to chase down in the fantasy league who hasn't turned in a roster for the last 2 weeks -EVERYONE else has -should I raise a little hell over this if Zapp scores his points ? I'm busting my ass over here trying to mae the final cut and this guy doesn't even bother to turn in a line up.
    Our rules state ''you must submit your line ups by Sunday of each week for points to be scored ''-I don't want to make the cut on a technicality but I've lost a lot of points to fft.s and med defaults -which are a bizarre technicality -OPINION ?
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    Took care of it .
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