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  1. Actually Steve, I credit most of Josh's success to me. He worked out with me a few times when I was a Jr. and he was a Sr. Also exchanging wrestling tapes for opponents we would face at state. I'm very proud of the Olympian that I molded

    Seriously though, great accomplishment for a great guy. Josh McAdams Olympian, WOW!!!!
  2. Oh yes. I followed his progress closely and watched the finals race (WKYC). The Anderson Smith who also qualified for the finals who none other than McAdam's old nemesis from his senior year in high school (1998) Hudson's Andy Smith. At the district Andy Smith won the mile with McAdams a close second and Solon's Jared Gambatese 3rd. The regional mile had the same order of finish. At state, which my son and I attended (my son qualified for the regional in the mile but had a tough day--I think he expended too much energy on the prom the night before), it was a Cincinatti kid winning, but after a massive final 100 meter sprint, Smith took second just ahead of the third place McAdams who was just ahead of Gambatese in fourth. Great stuff.

    Yesterday the Plain Dealer in a pre-race article mentioned that McAdams was a paper boy for them. I can't believe they not only mentioned it again this morning, but played it up even bigger.

    Deliver the Plain Dealer in the mornings and become an Olympian. Give me a friggin break.
  3. Did you see Josh McAdams made the Olympics? Nice article in the PD today..
  4. I didn't see that news report, but no surprise.The super's name sort of rings a bell. I remember a forum discussion, here or on themat, where some yahoos suggested that intergrating a school would lead to drug busts (in effect). What a load of crap. When I graduated from Lakewood drugs, like H, were to be had. An aquaintance OD'd (left a suicide note) just after graduating. All-white at the time, of course.
  5. Hey Steve, I'm sitting here watching the News and I see that there has been yet another Heroin bust at Westlake HS. Rich kids even like expensive drugs I guess...

    Anyways, do you know anything about the Superintendent that was being interviewed? His name is Dan Keenan, and he had some VERY bad cauliflower ears. He looked to be in his 50's, you have any info on him??
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