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  1. Nice pic Dad
  2. Ha Ha! I have never laughed so hard!! I'm so happy I could share my good taste in music with y'all.
  3. ok Kristen...I am sitting in my office getting ready to type you a note on this great wrestling forum, and...on comes your gangsta music blaring loud down the school office hallway. Guess I will have to turn off my sound before I write you a note again. Whew!

  4. Okay, that last gift I sent you was supposed to go to Jacob. ha ha You can delete it!
  5. Hey Dadeo, thanks for the baseball. Are you a little twt-er? lol
  6. I love the new profile pic!! ha ha
  7. Hey, Did you say hi to Wrestling Talk's newest member..."Joe, The Plumber?"
  8. Hey Kiston!

    I am a little forum message guy! Are u a little forum message girl?

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