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  1. KR-
    I just moved Molinaro to 149 as you requested in the ROSTER's section .-He is listed as 141 this weekend at the PSU open -is he going down ? If I were Sanderson I'd pull Taylor's redshirt and stick him in at 149 -he could AA this year .But that's beside the point -point being if you list Frank at 149 and he wrestles 141 you are hit , point wise .As you have had a rash of bad luck I'd double check that if I were you .
    There is a link to the PSU open on the board and Frank is listed at 141 .just trying to look out .russ
  2. I was actually surprised that I scored 70 points again last week despite Deitchler & Schlatter NOT wrestling. I was thinking that I could do 140 this week just like Herk. I know I couldn't believe he was bragging about that stuff. Gold then posted that this is why he didn't want to count the DIII matches & I was about to agree with him until I saw all the Indiana Duals. I thought "I will have my revenge!" LOL.
  3. KR-
    For a 'slow'' week you have over 30 matches -don't be surprised if Ortega beats DeShazer -and FYI-Kinser has never not pinned an opponent at the IU duals -I just hope Goldman let's him wrestle all 5 matches . herkey crowed last week when his Iowa guys beat up on div 3 teams -let him hear it when IU kicks Div1 ass.
  4. We have a back up rule where if your guy doesn't wrestle and hs replacement wins you get his points -BUT you have to name the back up at a tournament -which is a BS rule but.Iu's back up scored 22 points at the MSUO-that would have given me 150 points last week-Ortega had a tough draw -he lost to the SOCON champion on a last second TD and then stuck a guy then lost to DeShazers back up in 2 OT's .
    Ortega doesn't get much press but if you are a Div 1 freshman 133 and win 23 matches you are doing something right -plus 10 falls and a bunch of majors -he tied Esco for team lead with 85 dual points -that Kevin smith everyone laughed at ? He is one of my sleeper picks -since Gold dropped him he has 2 falls a tech and a major -he is a bad little dude with a MOTOR from hell -started the year UR but was #20 last I checked and rising -not worth picking up because of his second half schedule -but THAT is a tough kid -I watched him beat DeShazer 8-2 -4 TD's =2 escapes
  5. You know if my IU guys would ALL wrestled @ the MSU Open this past weekend maybe I could have beat you! Angel & Trevor didn't wrestle plus Bond lost to Haynes, Ellis didn't get a crack @ Rosholt, Schlatter nor Deitchler wrestled @ the Bison Open and lastly I didn't put Fanthorpe on my weekly roster as Wiltz told me he was injured & then he went out & got a FFT from SD St.

    Angel cost me 12 to 24 points & Perry probably lost me at least 9 points.

    Hey Thanks on Ortega. I didn't have any of my 133 regulars wrestling so I needed to pick up something. Once I saw that IU was wrestling DIII Wabash I thought that this would be a chance to pick up 18 points!
  6. Your IU guys picked you up 16 points vs. Wabash
    Perry major 12-1 .
    I liked your pick up of Ortega-last year he was 19-5 before the big 10 with 10 falls-former High School National Champion -beat Boris Navakov in the semis of that event .
  7. Accordino had a hell of a first year -I hear he will be at 49 if you need one -JoeD-a 2x ncaa champion from IU said he was the biggest 141 he had ever seen -JoeD came back to IU to take over Mena's old job -Hofstra wrestles a boat load of matches -I am keeping Esco-he has heart as he wrestled last season with one arm ,basically .
    The IU wrestle offs are the 27th -Kinser is trying to make 49 and hopefully Coughlin wil get his confidence back -he beat Marsh and Vallimont his freshman year -as well as Leen . I don't know who your 33 is but Hutter from ODU is NOT redshirting and should win the CAA.
  8. I had Garrett on my list as I figured he was under the radar but Gold snagged him. I think he likes him as much as I did. I will be moving what I have sometime but again I want to see what wrestle offs bring, thanks again.
  9. kR -I can't tell you the hell I went through last year -it was my first time and I did not know what TF I was doing and I had to trade like a madman and went from last to second place -having 2 guys at the same weight from the same school is horrible -Kinser came out and won the MSU open and I got no points because I had Coughlin -Kinser was seeded 3rd in the Midlands and Coughlin wrestled-the whole IU program sucks -according to Div1 they have 7 returning NCAA qualifiers and are ranked 4th in the big 10-I have no money to bet with but they will not place higher than 7th . Wrestle the IU guys in the Hoosier duals -5 matches against puds -Esco, Kinser and Young find ways to win -Perry has a headlock and that is it . If you could trade for Scott from Edinboro he will be great this year .
  10. I was thinking that Molinaro might go to 149 or Kinser until Jenkins comes back. If I'm wrong then I will just have to grab someone off waivers.
  11. KR-
    I hate to keep bothering you yet do you realize you are ffting 149 until Jenkins gets back ? The reason I suggested that 157 to you is you need so many points to advance to Natinals . You really cannot afford to fft a weight .
  12. Kinser was my back up @ 157 but then you mentioned Coughlin so I thought I would just grab him since I had everything else covered. Once wrestle offs occur I was going to drop one of them. Same reason why I grabbed Ellis AND Bradley. But thanks again for your tips.
  13. KR-all your guys are in the big 10 and will beat up on each other -Pami and Hall are Davis' only competition -Letters from Maryland may be good as well . You never want to have 2 guys from the same school at the same weight .
  14. All I know is he won 30 matches at 165 and is dropping down a weight class -he had to wrestle 65 as Brascetta broke his ankle or something last year .
  15. Re Davis, really? He is currently ranked #18 @ 157. Has only 2 pins his entire career & a 55-39 record. Hasn't beaten anyone impressive, lost 2xs to Pami FR yr. He has placed better then his seed 3xs @ P10 champs. What are yo looking at that I don't know about cuz so far I'm liking my picks better, (Jake Deitchler, Kinser/Coughlin)
  16. KR -a good 157 would be Keegan Davis of Oregon State -he won 30 matches at 165 last year and is dropping down to 57 -OS wil have 33 -Kubec ,41 Mangrum ,49 Pena,57 ,Davis ,65 Smith form Okie state transfers in ,74 ,Covington,84 ,Arnand ,97 ,Henke and Hwt Jack .
  17. thanks!
  18. just go to Div 1 and press links and hit Indiana and it takes you to the IU wrestling site -they wrestle some of the worst teams on the planet in their duals and quads -give them a week opr so I think the 27th are wrestle offs but goldman pays no attention to them -you guys have a waiver wire -at least you will soon -where you get to add/drop guys -IU's Hwt was 20-17 at 197 his freshman year , then 5-10 his sophomore year at hwt then 26-17 at hwt last year .at 133 I took Ortega -he was 19-5 going in to the big 10 and he had 10 pins out of those 19 wins -last year I had Kinser and Coughlin and had to flex one until I got fed up .you're waiver wire will be a good friend .Russ
  19. Hey thanks for that.
    Well now I have Kinser AND Coughlin on my team, plus Escobedo & Perry.

    I didnt see any direct link to the data you were referring. So when are IU wrestle offs? I guess I should look at off loading one of them huh or both?

  20. IU wrestling is a mess -Coughlin's mom and dad are friends of mine -he came in the #1 160 lber in the Nation -IU had Becker -Coughlin beat him twice in wrestle offs -but they made Matt cut all the way down to 149 where he AA'd -came back and beat Becker again -For the good os the team he wrestled 165 -so-so season -then last year Kinser refused to make the cut and beat Coughlin by a point in 2 ots.So Goldman lets them 'share' 57 -this year he has told Kurt 49 or the bench -Kurt can't make 49 again so...???? I HATE Goldman -I am an IU alum and refuse to go to their matches -Mike Mena -the lightweight coach quit and Angel now has Joe D coaching him -they had 3 top recruits -as in top 25 -quit after one year -Ramos ,Cook and Malone -last years 49 transferred to Univ . of Indy .-go to INDIANAMAT.COM -the site was started by a guy here and it will help you alot .
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