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  1. KR-
    I am computer illiterate . Would you be so kind as to explain the steps to delete PM's ? In 2 years I had 25 -during the draft LoSt sent me 200 and now I have about 800 in my box . Thanks .
  2. KR-
    I've caught all the non KOSHER ones , I believe, like when Tigerfan dropped a guy then next day changed it to add another ? I told Ben about them and he said let them slide as'' no harm, no foul'' I told it was setting a bad precedent but..
    I've decided to quit fantasy -First time I've ever quit anything but I've had several run ins with a certain bitch made ho and all the decisions go in his favor -I've had guys offer to buy my team so they could beat this guy but yet they keep putting up with his shit -then some personal things were said on these boards -which are open for any to read-and I accidentally saw this and it was hurtful .VERY .If I stick around I have a real good shot at conference champion -big deal-I could have won the whole thing had J vetoed a trade-or at least penalized the perps -he did nothing , then when I tried to trade -NO. I'll be 52 in a few days and don't need the agggravation.
  3. Ok thanks. I offered Gold help myself a few times but he never answered. Also there have been other add drops that were not kosher. Herkey wanted to add one of the novochkov bros but therick already had him. if the rosters are not up to date then stuff like that can happne, (even though if herkey would have looked he would have saw that rick had him already)

    just sayin...
  4. KR
    I went through and posted the changes you made -I haven't been keeping up as I did not want to step on Gold's toes-he has been kinda busy at school .
    Let me know if everything is ok .Russ
  5. ok thanks russ!
  6. your point total
  7. Good job regarding?
  8. Good job !! I am going to pick Everhart up in the suplemental -with Erekson down it is only he and Barlow . he used to beat Ben at 197 like clockwork -now loses 3-2 or 5-3 -not this year !!!
  9. ok Russ thanks. If you check our rules thats what it says.
    Hey 143 points this week!
  10. I really do not know . Just PM gold -I just tallied scores for guys nice enough to put when and where their guys were wrestling .
    EVERYTHING I do in your league is on volunteer basis ......
  11. its 6 pys for an injury default
  12. Last year our other commis gave -0-points for a fft or med def or inj def .
  13. Medical defaults are 6. I will check up on the points then. I didn't realize that.
  14. fft.s only count for 3 points in ur league
  15. I didn't have it that Deshaver wrestled more then 4xs. Look @ my points:

    125 Angel Escobedo-Indiana Duals FFT, Fall, Fall, Fall, Dec 27 points
    133 Matt Ortega Indiana Duals, Major, loss, Major, Dec, Fall 17/44
    141 Alex Krom-Northeast Duals loss, Major, Decision 7/51
    174 Trevor Perry-Indiana Duals, Major, Decision, loss, FFT, FALL 19/70
    197 Eric Lapotsky-NC State & Oklahoma City, FFT, FALL 12/82

    Flex 133 Deshaver Indiana Duals, Major, Dec, Major, Fall, 17/99

    99 points
  16. KR-
    your scores for week 5
    96-24,17,7,19,12,17,-DeShazer only wrestled 4 times .
  17. Yes I did thanks!
  18. KR-
    Did you find that link ?
  19. KR-go to Fantasy league Jensens Fantasy League discussion 12/4-12/10 and it is on page 2 .
    The PSU people have modified the form and Molinaro is now at 149, with about 80 guys so he should score big for you this week.
  20. Thanks for that Russ but Frank has been wrestling @ 149 all year. The only reason for him to move to 141 would be if Bubba was NOT going to RS afterall which is the only reason I have been holding onto him, (Bubba).

    What was the link to the PSU Open Board btw? Thanks.
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