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  1. Not quite what I was going for, but I'm okay with it because I know I have much room for improvement. No excuses, I just didn't put in the work, and was lazy about my training. I know I'll qualify the next time I run a marathon.
  2. 974JeffDurkin Parma,OH3:12:57....pace7:22

    Good job!
  3. Great man. My best was 3:11 at Columbus. I had to go under 3 to qualify back then. (circa 1990) I would come watch, but I am busy tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, this is actually my 3rd marathon. I want to finish under 3 hrs 10 min and 59 sec. If I do that I qualify for the Boston Marathon. In my previous marathons I posted times of 3:37 and 3:13.
  5. Wow dude. Going at the running thing pretty serious. First Cleveland, now Columbus. Be careful and have a great race. What's your goal finish time?
  6. Thanks man!!
  7. Ok, I worked with a wrestling coach that helps Chertow with his wrestling camp.
  8. BibFNameLNameCityStateCountryDivAgeSexChipTimeClockTimeOverallSexPlDivPl AgeGradePaceSplit10KHalfSplit30KTeamname439 Jeff Durkin Parma OH USA MALES 25 TO 29 26 M 03:13:37 03:13:43 107 104 18 64.5% 7:23.2 0:42:17 1:29:37 2:06:36
    What gives? I thought you were bib 439.
  9. Ran a 4:05 on that broken toe. I didn't train for nothing. Best to you!
  10. You broke your toe 2 days before the race?? That's tough, I probably would've withdrew..much credit to you.

    I ran Cleveland once before, not the same exact course that you ran, but similar. Start downtown (Galleria) then head out west, head east, then back west for the finish. That nasty hill, (the one I'm thinking of anyway) is around mile 23-24?? Great place for a steep incline...
  11. I ran the Cleveland Marathon once. Had a broken toe at the time. I broke it 2 days before the race. Good luck and get ready for the bridge. If it is still on the same course, you start at CSU and run west over the Cuyahoga returning to CSU for the finish.
  12. Runner and a wrestler?? I wasn't a bad wrestler, now I'm a wanna be runner. I'm running the Cleveland Marathon in 2 weeks, bib#439 if you want to track me.
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