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  1. r.payton, not really sure where you're going with your comment on my page..But it's good to know that you're on TWT's message boards..
  2. Mr.Shirtaugh,
    I am on TWT's board and you mentioned DC not geting better because of lack of competition in the room -he has Carmancia at 41 who is /was ranked as high as 11th and Hamrah @157 is ranked 17th at 157 -I have spoken with Stardust about this and SD has implied DC may be his own worse enemy -his constant bickering with the coach and his grades may well end his carrer pre-maturely .
    I see below that you are in contact with SD-SD told me this in private and had I not seen SD below I would not mention it -but some great athletes make others around them worse , not better . JMO.
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